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Sister Emmanuel recently released her monthly report about Medjugorje. She spread Our Lady messages to the world through her roman catholic missionary organization enfantsdemedjugorje.fr.


  1. On June 2, 2018, Mirjana received her monthly apparition…
  2. Mirjana not feeling well?…
  3. An exceptional live?…
  4. Her heart is sad?…
  5. Ireland ablaze!…
  6. Vicka met Mgrs. Peric…
  7. After the interruption of summer…


Medjugorje, June 20, 2018
Dear Children of Medjugorje, praise be to Jesus and Mary!

On June 2, 2018, Mirjana received her monthly apparition at the Blue Cross, in the presence of a huge crowd. After the apparition, she conveyed the message that Our Lady gave for us all:

Dear children, I am calling you to accept my words which I am speaking to you as a mother, with a simplicity of heart, so that you may set out on the way of complete light and purity, of the singular love of my Son, man and God. A joy-a light indescribable in human words-will penetrate your soul and the peace and love of my Son will take hold of you. I desire this for all of my children. Therefore, you, apostles of my love, you who know how to love and forgive, you who do not judge, you whom I encourage, you be an example to all those who are not going on the way of light and love or who have diverted from it. By your life show them the truth. Show them love because love overcomes all difficulties, and all of my children thirst for love. Your unity in love is a gift to my Son and me. But, my children, remember that to love also means to desire the good for your neighbor and to desire conversion of your neighbor’s soul. As I am looking at you gathered around me, my heart is sad, because I see so little brotherly love, merciful love. My children, the Eucharist-my Son alive among you-His words will help you comprehend, because His word is life, His word makes the soul breath, His word brings about cognition of love. Dear children, anew, I am imploring you as a mother who desires the good for her children: love your shepherds, pray for them. Thank you.”

You may watch the apparition here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdAY-e6oE_g

2. Mirjana not feeling well? Many pilgrims have noticed that Mirjana seems to be in pain when she awaits Mary’s apparition on the morning of the 2nd. We can see that she strives to stand straight, however she actually has back problems that cause her great pain and make it difficult for her to kneel. It is unthinkable for her to receive the visit of the Mother of God standing or sitting; so she forces herself to remain on her knees and that explains her discomfort. She also spends hours in prayer the night before the 2nd, which also explains her tired face. But what an illumination when Our Lady appears to her! She no longer feels the aches and pains in her body during the ecstasy, because she is carried into another world and she becomes oblivious to the external realities. When the ecstasy ends and she returns to this world, she feels the pain and physical weaknesses in her body again, and Miki hands her a piece of paper so that she may write down the message…

3. An exceptional live? On June 26 at 9:00 pm I will speak about the message of June 25, because on that day we will celebrate the 37th Anniversary of the apparitions. This Anniversary will be marked by great joy since, on May 31, Pope Francis named Mgrs. Hoser as Apostolic Visitor for Medjugorje.

This is an extraordinary turning point in the history of Medjugorje! The bishop’s task will be to assist the pastoral needs of the pilgrims who visit the Franciscan parish of Medjugorje. (See PS2 for Vatican’s official document).

4. Her heart is sad? It is not the first time Our Lady has appeared sad when she looks at us. What does she see? Or rather, what doesn’t she see? As the Mother of the Creator, she knows the splendor of holiness to which every one of us is called. She also sees our choices today, and the easiness with which we let ourselves be trapped by the snares of the Evil one, who wants to destroy us. She tells us, “My children, I want to gather all of you under my maternal mantle, to protect you from the attacks of Satan.”

What is the maternal mantle under which Our Lady invites us? It is the one she received at the Annunciation when the Angel Gabriel told her, “The Holy Spirit will overshadow you.” This “overshadowing” of the Holy Spirit, has never left her. This is why the poisoned arrows of the Evil One could never go through it, since it is the Holy Spirit Himself protecting her. This is why the ones who live under the mantle of Mary are protected too!

If Mary is sad today, it is because she dreams of communicating to us all the love that flows from her Immaculate Heart; she sees all the love that we could share with one another but we don’t because we wander out of the mantle, far from her Heart… As a result we expose ourselves to inner emptiness and many needless tribulations! Every mother understands that very well.
To be sure to live inside the maternal mantle of Mary, the road is simple, and we are privileged to be able to take it: knowing, meditating and living her messages with all our heart! In other words, living the Gospel of her Son, re-explained with her motherly words for our time.

5. Ireland ablaze! Like most European countries, with the exception of Poland, Malta and Cyprus, on May 25 the majority of voters in Ireland made their choice in favor of the culture of death making abortion legal. There are questions over whether the referendum was carried out fairly and some challenges have been made. One complaint is that some groups of people were not able to vote, particularly convents and elderly people. This result does not really express the voice of the Irish people yet they have to submit to the consequences of it until the triumph of the Immaculate Heart, when everyone’s hearts will be enlightened. The culture of death, even if it made the partisans of abortion dance, never attracts the blessing of God upon a country nor peace in the hearts of those who live there!

But one must admire the generosity of so many Irish people who prayed and fasted with so much fervor during the months preceding the vote. The shock they received upon seeing the sad victory of the culture of death provoked a beautiful reaction: they kept on praying, but this time as reparation for the abortions performed today and the ones to come in the future. As Our Lady said on March 18 in her yearly message given to Mirjana, “Dear children, your battle if difficult, it will become even more difficult!”

Dear Irish friends, don’t give up hope, the victory is already won by The One who crushes the head of the serpent with her heel. Be patient, for after new ordeals that you will offer to God for those who have not yet known the love of God, you will see that Jesus was, is, and will be in your boat, and that you will not sink! On the contrary, you will catch many fish in your nets!

A comforting note: In Portugal, the law in favor of euthanasia was rejected by Parliament.

6. Vicka met Mgrs. Peric on his recent visit to the village of Krehin Gradac where Vicka lives with her family. The bishop of Mostar had just given the sacrament of Confirmation to the children; among them were Vicka’s children. A providential meeting as this picture is showing! Mgr Peric will retire within the next few months. Let us continue praying for him!

7. After the interruption of summer in July and August, my next Live in French about the message of the 2nd will be on September 3rd at 9:00 pm. The live of the 3rd of June can be found on:

Dearest Gospa, we are still praying the novena preceding the Anniversary of the Apparitions, so we beg you, inspire each one of us to know which present you would love to receive from us. How can we thank you enough for 37 years of apparitions?! Do not abandon us!

Sister Emmanuel +
(Translated from French)

PS 1. On June 4, Ivan received the evening apparition on Podbrdo and The Blessed Mother renewed for us this call: “Also today, I wish to call you to pray for my plans especially during this time, the plans that I wish to realize through my coming to you. In a special way, dear children, I want to encourage you to pray for the family and for the youth. Pray and be untiring in prayer. I intercede for all of you before my Son.”

On June 15, she said through Ivan:“Dear Children, also today in a special way I wish to call you to the Eucharist. May Holy Mass be the center of your lives. In a special way dear children, may the Eucharist be in your family. The family has to live Holy Mass in order to give glory to Jesus. Jesus must be at the center of your lives. Therefore pray, dear children, in your family and set out after Jesus…”

PS 2. Statement from The Vatican press room regarding Medjugorje:
“On this day, the 31st of May, 2018, the Holy See has appointed Henrick Hoser, SAC, the retired Archbishop of Warsaw-Prague (Poland) as Apostolic Visitor with a special role for the parish of Medjugorje for an indefinite time, and ad nutum Sanctae Sedis. At the specific request of the Holy See, his appointment is for pastoral ministry, a continuation of the mission of the special envoy of the Holy See for the parish of Medjugorje, entrusted to Mgr. Hoser on February 11, 2017, and in which he completed in the previous months. The purpose of the mission of the Apostolic Visitor is to provide a firm and permanent accompaniment of the parish community in Medjugorje and the faithful who come on pilgrimage here, whose needs require a special attention.”
Source: http://press.vatican.va/content/salastampa/it/bollettino/pubblico/2018/05/31/0399/00875.html

PS 3. “Truly Sister Emmanuel’s Best Work Yet!”
The Second Printing is Here! Order Today! https://sremmanuel.org/product/scandalous-mercy-god-goes-beyond-boundaries/

PS4. Our next missions, the fruit of which will depend a lot on your intercession: Indonesia and Asia in July, Spain in September, South America in November, God willing!

PS 5. We thank God for our dear friend and extraordinary disciple of Christ, Myles Dempsey, founder of the New Dawn conference and a great spokesperson for CCR, who went to the House of the Father on June 13. May God give us more witnesses like him! May he rest in peace!

PS 6. The parish of Medjugorje invites us at the 23rd International Retreat for Priests July 2 to 7, and at the 19th Retreat for married couples, Nov. 7 to 10.
Write to seminar.marija@medjugorje.hr (Marija Dugandzić).
The Youth Festival will be held from August 1 to 6, please sign up with your local organizations.

PS 7. Follow the evening program of the parish of Medjugorje, translated into all languages. See the parish site at: http://www.centremedjugorje.org/

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