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Sister Emmanuel recently released her monthly report about Medjugorje. She spread Our Lady messages to the world through her roman catholic missionary organization enfantsdemedjugorje.fr.


  1. On December 2, 2018, Mirjana…
  2. A silent sign from Our Lady of…
  3. Do not turn the day of joy into the…
  4. Let me share with you my prayer…
  5. I was locked up in jail…
  6. Fra Marinko recalls his visits to Pope…
  7. When I was in Argentina…
  8. My next Live Broadcast on the message…

Medjugorje, December 20, 2018

Dear children of Medjugorje, praised be Jesus and Mary!

1. On December 2, 2018, Mirjana received her monthly apparition at the Blue Cross, surrounded by a smaller group of people. After the apparition, she conveyed this message:

Dear children, when you come to me, as to a mother, with a pure and open heart, know that I am listening to you, encouraging you, consoling you and, above all, interceding for you with my Son. I know that you desire to have a strong faith and to express it in the right way. What my Son asks of you is to have a sincere, strong and deep faith – then every way in which you express it is proper. Faith is a most wonderful mystery which is kept in the heart. It is between the Heavenly Father and all of His children; it is recognized by the fruits and by the love which one has towards all of God’s creatures. 
Apostles of my love, my children, have trust in my Son. Help all of my children to come to know His love. You are my hope – you who strive to sincerely love my Son. In the name of love, for your salvation, according to the will of the Heavenly Father and through my Son, I am here among you. Apostles of my love, along with prayer and sacrifice, may your hearts be illuminated with the love and the light of my Son. May that light and love illuminate all those whom you meet and bring them back to my Son. I am with you. In a special way, I am alongside your shepherds. With my motherly love I illuminate and encourage them that, with the hands blessed by my Son, they may bless the entire world. Thank you.

You may watch the apparition here:  https://youtu.be/a7I51g4PkEk

2. A silent sign from Our Lady of Guadalupe!On December 12th we celebrated her feast day joyfully! She is helping us to prepare for Christmas, being a Virgin with child and ready to bring her Child into the world.It so happens that a surprising phenomenon occurred in Argentina, and I had the grace to see it with my own eyes during my mission there last month. In the Marian Shrine of St. Nicholas, there is a large replica of the Tilma of Juan Diego, the cloak he wore when he saw the Blessed Mother, and which is miraculously preserved in Mexico. This high-quality, life-size replica, which was blessed by the Archbishop of Mexico, signed and certified by the Basilica of Mexico from where it originated, changed color. The green color of the Tilma changed to sky blue. For the Argentinians, who were victorious for life by saying no to abortion in a vote on 8 August 2018, this change of color has major significance! Green is the color of those who argued for abortion, whereas sky blue is the color of those who defended life from conception. And now the green covering Our Lady of Guadalupe has changed into sky blue! But there is more: this replica of St Nicholas is not the only one to have changed color. On another replica, this one at the “House of Mary” in Luján, where retreats are held, thisalso changed color.This is a very significant sign! It is no coincidence that Our Lady of Guadalupe, patron saint of the Americas and symbol of motherhood, is thus showing her love and respect for human life from its very conception! While the world is promoting abortion with increasing violence, while so many women are misled by political narratives that oppose the divine plan for humanity, our Mother of Heaven once again intervenes in the humble silence of an image that will speak to the hearts of those who will recognize the signs of our time, both believers and non-believers. (see PS1 the link to the event).

3. “Do not turn the day of joy into the saddest day!” said the Blessed Mother in the 80s to the parish of Medjugorje. Our Lady always talks of Christmas Day as being the “Day of Joy”! Why all this joy? Because it is a great celebration of a birth, the birth of the Son of God, of our Lord and Savior who turned our world around! How sad then to forget the birthday celebration of Jesus that day, and turn it instead into a shallow, materialistic and pagan event to which the protagonist, Jesus of Bethlehem, is not even invited! Who is thinking of placing Him in the spotlight to celebrate His birth and publicly praise Him as one would for a loved one’s birthday? On Christmas Day, the Mother of God invites us to take some time in solitude to thank Jesus for coming among us.

4. Let me share with you my prayer to baby Jesus hidden in the womb of Mary “O dear Baby Jesus, nestled in the womb of your Immaculate Mother, I have come to see you. I need to talk to you. To tell you first of all how much I marvel at the fact that God himself took our flesh, which is so fragile and vulnerable. You made a mystifying leap from the splendor of Heaven where you lived with the Father in order to unite with our wretched race and take all kinds of risks with us… this thought makes me fling myself into adoration!

How could I not love you? How could we not cherish you infinitely in this stage where you are a zygote, an embryo, an unborn child, before even showing your face in that miserable stable of Bethlehem!
Yes, I love you, Jesus, because you did so out of pure love for me, for my family, for all humanity. You came into our muck and sludge to save us, to lift us up, and enable us to share with you the delights of an eternal life in your presence. Only you, Jesus, could have imagined something so crazy! But you’re not finished surprising us!

O sweet Jesus, you know that I am coming to you with an agenda… I have a request, please don’t be surprised! At the present time, many millions of tiny beings like you are hidden in their mother’s womb. They are your treasures, Jesus! Their angels in heaven ceaselessly behold the face of your Father who is in heaven. There is nothing more innocent than these unborn babies on this Earth.
Let me tell you about them. They have all received the gift of life, but have not all received the gift of love. Some float joyfully as they feel the love of their mother, but others wonder what on earth they are doing there, because they feel rejected.

O adorable Jesus, you are both Life and Love! Please visit every one of these little ones, those who rejoice to know that they are loved, and also those who are suffering from rejection. You’re so tiny that your approach will not frighten them, on the contrary! Come see them wherever they are, in these fragile tabernacles of human life where they slowly grow. You are the same size as they are, be their divine twin!
Thanks to the extremely sensitive antennae that their innocence gives them, they all listen to the soul of their mother, and also to their Creator. This is the moment, Jesus! Tell them how infinitely precious they are to you! Don’t you recognize your own image in them? Tell them that you can’t wait to see them grow up and reach in its fullness what they ought to be in your loving plan for them!
And if, unfortunately, they are ripped out from their humble hiding place, whether naturally or with violence, O tender Jesus, listen to their cry of anguish and spread your immense love in them! Heal their wounds!
Please, be it done unto them according to your Word, Jesus, “Father, where I am, may they also be with me!”May the flow of your divine love also flood the heart of those who have chosen to lose them! Please, enable them to throw themselves into your merciful arms!

O my little Jesus hidden in Mary, how can I thank you enough for having visited me from the moment I was conceived in my mother’s womb, when she and dad consecrated me to your Sacred Heart and to the Immaculate Heart of Mary! Please let all parents take to heart to do the same and keep away from them the wolves who want to steal and devour the children of men!

O tiny Jesus hidden in Mary, listen to my poor prayer for your own kind! And on Christmas night, please be born in my heart! I am yearning for your coming! I am longing to see your face! My heart awaits to hear your voice in the night, like a watchman waiting for the dawn! Maranatha! Come, my Little Jesus!

5. I was locked up in jail! Distant missions always open up unexpected and unsuspected horizons! One of the most beautiful experiences in Argentina last November was a visit to a men’s prison, the toughest because it was reserved for criminals who commit the most serious crimes. Ten years ago, two men decided to try and pull these men out from the pit of despair by witnessing to them the love of God, evangelizing to them and enabling them to experience a deep conversion.

It all started with bringing rugby into the jail. This evolved into people becoming aware of others and developing a team spirit. Later on, they introduced these men to the Rosary. Now, when you go to this prison, you find prisoners who are smiling, peaceful, attentive towards each other… hard to believe your eyes! This is a long love story, leading these two evangelizers to bring prayer into this prison. The prisoners recite the Rosary every day together, they wouldn’t miss it for the world! Our Lady has done wonders in their hearts.

After telling them about the messages from Medjugorje, our small team (my translator, our guide and myself), we were able to stay with them in their accommodations. Remarkable! On the doors of their poor cells, no impersonal numbers, instead there were words like: Patience, charity, forgiveness, joy, peace, concord, sacrifice, tolerance… I took the opportunity to give everyone the special motherly blessing of Our Lady and the rose petals blessed by Her during an apparition.

Then Providence allowed something unforgettable to happen: We were accompanied by two guards, but because of a misunderstanding, one of the guards believed that his colleague was still with us in the prisoners’ housing area. So he left, and locked the door. But the other guard was not with us, so we found ourselves locked up with about thirty ex-criminals.There was no way out, the building was isolated and the locks were solid!

So we prayed with the prisoners who were like lambs, they couldn’t be happier to keep us with them a bit longer! I suspect Our Lady organized this lock-up and these prayers! We had tears in our eyes! When the door finally opened, we no longer wanted to leave these men who had become our dear brothers.I will never forget this visit! We had come to evangelize, but we were the ones who were evangelized by these men whose lives had been shattered and who, thanks to praying the Rosary and experiencing the maternal love of the heavenly Mother Mary, have become extraordinary witnesses to the power of the Resurrection of Christ. Nothing is impossible for God!

6. Fra Marinko recalls his visits to Pope Francis!
“Be obedient to Bishop Hoser!”
Pope Francis said to me when I told him, “I am the parish priest of Medjugorje and I bring you greetings from Bishop Hoser.” It was an unforgettable meeting at the end of the Congress. The Pope emphasized the importance of an open heart and warm welcome for all the pilgrims. Then His Holiness expressed his desire to greet each one of us individually. We were thrilled! When it was my turn to get closer to him, I gave him a rosary made of our Herzegovian thorns and looking at his smiling face I said in one breath: “Parish priest of Medjugorje! Mgr. Hoser sends his greetings!” When Pope Francis heard my words, he kept his hands in mine, he stopped for a moment and said: “Be obedient to Mgr. Hoser!” I guess the Pope felt my immense joy, so he repeated: “Be obedient to Mgr. Hoser”. Then looking at the rosary, he asked: “Is this for me?” I said: “Yes, it’s for you!”

When I exited the hall, I almost couldn’t believe what had just happened. I was thinking about his message. I had the impression that he wanted to give to me, to all the friars in the parish of Medjugorje, in facto all the parishioners and pilgrims, a message that came straight from his heart. It is as if he was saying – by obeying Mgr. Hoser, you are being obedient to me and the Church.In the few words he said, I felt that Medjugorje is in his heart, that he cares for Medjugorje and he wants us all to respond seriously to the mission that was trusted to us. In his words I felt encouragement, but also the great responsibility we all have for Medjugorje.”

(Excerpts from Fra Marinko’s report on the Congress of collaborators of the world sanctuaries, about the role of the sanctuaries for the New Evangelization. Rome, Nov. 29, 2018)

7. When I was in Argentina, I spoke in English and my words were translated into Spanish. Those who wish to listen to one of my talk, click on: https://gloria.tv/audio/Hf4jRRhChNWB4SrZgwcZmBeNn (In Cordoba, about suffering and the power of Fasting, 80 min.)

8. My next Live Broadcast on the message of the 2nd in French will be on January 3 at 9pm. The Dec. 3 broadcast is on:  http://www.enfantsdemedjugorje.fr/medjugorje-direct-du-3-decembre-2018/

I wish each of you a very Merry Christmas! Since on that day the Child Jesus will be with us, appearing in the arms of his Mother, I will entrust to Him your intentions, your families, your joys and your sorrows. May His innocence protect you from all evil! May His tenderness penetrate each one of your hearts and encourage you on the path of holiness!

Dearest Gospa, you who gave birth to the Lamb and the Pastor, and who never ceased to adore Him, teach us to adore Him too with infinite tenderness! Grant us the grace to put Him in the first place in our life as you did!

Sister Emmanuel +
(Translated from French)

PS1. The replica of the Virgin of Guadalupe becomes blue: http://valorarmagazine.com.ar/la-imagen-de-la-virgen-de-guadalupe-del-santuario-de-san-nicolas-se-puso-celeste/

Please Note! The high quality of this type of replica which is signed by the Sanctuary cannot fade because of the light before at least 100 years have passed. This is a special technique. In addition, these images were in dark corridors. Lastly, as concerns the Tilma of Lujan, the stars of Mary’s robe have acquired greater color intensity. Of course, this phenomenon is being studied, but nothing prevents us from rejoicing in it right now! 

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