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Sister Emmanuel recently released her monthly report about Medjugorje. She spread Our Lady messages to the world through her roman catholic missionary organization enfantsdemedjugorje.fr.


  1. On August 2nd, 2019…
  2. Little children, trials…
  3. Sin will reign…
  4. Rome has arrived…
  5. When there are too…
  6. Van and France…
  7. My next Live commentary on the message…

Medjugorje, August 18, 2019

Dear children of Medjugorje, praised be Jesus and Mary!

1. On August 2nd, 2019, Mirjana received her monthly apparition at the Blue Cross, surrounded by a large crowd of pilgrims. After the apparition, she conveyed this message: 

Dear children, great is the love of my Son. If you were to come to know the greatness of His love, you would never cease to adore and thank Him. He is always alive with you in the Eucharist, because the Eucharist is His Heart. The Eucharist is the heart of faith. He has never left you. Even when you tried to go away from Him, He has not [left] you. That is why my motherly heart is happy when I watch how you-filled with love-return to Him, when I see that you are coming to Him by the way of reconciliation, love, and hope.

My motherly heart knows that when you set out on the way of faith, you are shoots-buds. But along with prayer and fasting you will be fruits, my flowers, apostles of my love; you will be carriers of light and will illuminate all those around you with love and wisdom. My children, as a mother I am imploring you: pray, think, and contemplate. Everything beautiful, painful and joyful that happens to you-all of this makes you grow spiritually, so that my Son may grow in you.

My children, surrender yourselves to Him, believe Him, trust in His love, let Him lead you. Let the Eucharist be the place where you will feed your souls, and afterwards, will spread love and truth-will bear witness to my Son. Thank you.

As on all sites linked to Medjugorje, at the request of the authorities, we won’t post the video of Mirjana’s apparition as before. Obedience is always blessed!

2. “Little children, trials will come!” The Queen of the Prophets has never been clearer than today, and that is no accident (See PS1). The worst thing for us to do would be to ignore her warning, because it is serious. For 38 years, she has shown us the way to peace and even to prosperity (see message of 25 Dec. 1999 for the 3rd millennium.) But despite her warnings about the risks we take by not listening to her, her children’s response has been too weak. She must now warn us that difficult times are near. As if the world weren’t already going through hard times! Kyrie eleison! Take note, however, we are not talking about the end of the world. In fact, Mary tells us about future generations, she is “preparing us for the New Times”, and of course for the triumph of her Immaculate Heart. Obviously, when a mother prepares her child for something, she does not prepare him for an event in the future that he will not experience. On the contrary, she prepares her child for what he will see in his lifetime. In other words, you and I will probably see these New Times!

Every triumph is preceded by a conflict or a battle, for one does not triumph over peace. We are already in the middle of this battle. That much is obvious. So many wounds, so much suffering! The closer victory approaches, the more intense the battle becomes, because the enemy, seeing the end of his power closing in, behaves like an aggressive animal before collapsing having been wounded to death.

With God it is never too late. We may no longer be able to prevent trials from happening, but we can soften and shorten them. Far be it from me to want to explain here the kinds of trials that await us, let us instead focus on ways to draw upon God’s grace and His extraordinary mercy so that we may survive in the midst of these waves that overpower us.

Every authentic prophecy contains its share of hope, and today Mary tells us where to find true refuge, the one that never deceives: The Heart of her Son Jesus, who will always remain present to us through the Eucharist. “He is still alive with you in the Eucharist, for the Eucharist is his Heart. The Eucharist is the heart of faith. He has never abandoned you, even when you tried to move away from Him…” She also said, “Those of my children who have faith – true faith – are happy no matter what, because they begin to experience heavenly happiness while on earth.” Now who are those who have true faith? Those who cling to Christ with their whole being.

The assurances offered to us by the world and its excessive materialism can no longer assure us of anything. If I take out life insurance, it only works when I’m dead! Jesus alone is our true security, our safe haven, our true Life insurance!

3. “Sin will reign”, Mary said. “But if you are mine, you will overcome it because your refuge will be the Heart of my Son Jesus. That is why the world needs worshipers, to allow the Lord to reign again in the heart of the world. Mary asked that there be a chapel of perpetual adoration in each parish. Seeing her Son adored by His children is her most treasured dream. When we adore Jesus hidden in the tabernacle, or exposed on the altar, even if distractions may disturb us, Jesus is there alive, He radiates in the invisible and He acts in our souls! His whole life is there before us, like an open book with gushing flames. We are gradually transformed, because we are filled and enriched with Him. Why do so many Catholics today doubt the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist? Don’t they know that Satan himself is aware of this presence? Why do Satanists, who always seek to prolong Christ’s passion with their sacrileges, smash tabernacles to steal the hosts? Don’t they have enough bakeries near their homes to find bread?

It is beautiful to see that Jesus extends his divine rays of love and light not only on those who adore Him, but that this powerful radiation of love extends even to the surroundings! We move from the natural to the supernatural, and fruit is borne. I know a priest whose mission is to create chapels of perpetual adoration in the parishes that invite him. He told me that in 1984, the city of Trieste had the highest suicide rate in all of Italy. Not to mention other evils such as crime, rape, theft, divorces, abortions, occult practices, etc. These statistics are in the city’s records. That very year, he founded a chapel of perpetual adoration. Well, in just one year, the suicide rate fell by one half!

4. Rome has arrived! Thanks to the good work of Bishop Hoser, the Pope’s envoy for the pastoral care of Medjugorje, many prelates did not shy away from coming to celebrate the Eucharist in Medjugorje in recent weeks! From Rome came Archbishop Rino Fisichella, President of the Pontifical Counsel for the New Evangelization and Cardinal Angelo De Donatis; and then the Cardinal of Sarajevo, Mgr. Pulic; The Apostolic Nuncio for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mgr. Luiggi Pezzuto.

Even France is starting to budge! We already had Mgr. Dominique Rey, Bishop of Toulon, then the Archbishop of Avignon, Mgr. Jean-Pierre Cattenoz.

This marks a new turning point for the Marian Shrine of Medjugorje, which is very positive and promising!

5. When there are too many mosquitoes in a room, a device is plugged in that emits a scent or sound that scares them away. Our prayer, on the other hand, is like an incense that rises to God, like a fragrance that delights His heart. And prayer annoys the demons so much that they run away from this incense. So let us not forget this touching confidence disclosed by Our Lady in May 2017: “The prayers you address to me are the most beautiful roses of love for me. I cannot fail to be there where I smell the scent of roses!” Do you know that each of our Ave Maria’s is a rose offered to the Mother of God?

6. Van and France. Because several people have expressed a great interest in the young Vietnamese Marcel Van whom I quoted in July, here is a new text that concerns France.  I hope it will speak not only to the hearts of my dear people, but also to those from other countries who will take into their hearts this blessed country who should behave as the elder daughter of the Churchand who is still so far from it!

Jesus (Nov. 12 1945)! O little apostle of my love, everywhere in France my love is calling out for help. And what help is it asking for? For the relief of prayer which, by reviving the flame of love, will make the hearts of the enemies of my love more pliable. In order to do the right thing, wherever there are French people, the incense of prayer should rise up to my love. O France, I love you; and you French people, do you actually know what the feelings of my heart are towards you? Do you see my tears mingling with those of a foreigner who is busy writing down the words I am dictating to him here, for you? 

O France, I press you in my arms, I give you a kiss. It is not possible that you should take advantage of this mark of tenderness to strike me in the face. Alas! You, the children of the country I particularly love, how will you behave towards my love? Will you deliberately throw it out of your home? 

O priests of the country that I particularly love, I am a fugitive who is seeking asylum in your home. What welcome do you want to give to my love? Will I be chased away or eagerly welcomed? O my children, I do not want to allow my love to move away from France. O France! Country that I love more than others, hear the call of my love. People of France, my children, if you push my love away from you, what other love could you possibly use to lift up France? If there is no love to lift France, then France will be covered in thick smoke rising from hell, and in that case, she will become a country opposed to my love and will eventually be destroyed. But, my child, humble child of my love, if prayers from trusting, simple and pure hearts are brought up to me, later you will see me smiling happily at the land I love. ” (Conversations 92) See PS 3.

7. My next Live commentary on the message of the 2nd of the month will be on September 3rd at 9pm.The June 3rd broadcast can be seen at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hM3sQuddgRA (comment only):
Full evening: http://www.enfantsdemedjugorje.fr/medjugorje-direct-du-3-juin-2019-2/
And on YouTube: https://youtu.be/xjD9jVjAiMs

Dearest Gospa, these words from the Bible are resounding in my heart today: “Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed.” Isaiah 54:10

Sister Emmanuel +
(Translated from French)

PS1. Message from July 25, 2019: “Dear children, my call for you is prayer. May prayer be joy for you and a wreath which binds you to God. Little children, trials will come, and you will not be strong, and sin will reign. But if you are mine, you will win, because your refuge will be the Heart of my Son Jesus. Therefore, little children, return to prayer until prayer becomes life for you in the day and the night. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

PS2. Ivan the visionary was recently in Medjugorje! On August 12th, Mary entrusted him with this message at the Blue Cross where we were invited:
“Dear children, in this time of mercy, in a special way, I wish to call you to prayer – perseverance in prayer. So many times, I have said that my Son has allowed me to stay here together with you because I wish to teach you and to raise you – educate you -, because I wish to lead you to my Son. Therefore, decide for Him! Put Jesus in the first place in your families. Pray in front of Him, so that you can receive graces. The Mother prays for all of you and intercedes for you to her Son.”

PS3. The Youth Festival in Medjugorje was a shower of blessings! It was followed this year on the Internet by more than 2.8 million people. Unheard of! On August 4, for the feast of St Jean Vianney, 714 priests co-celebrated Mass.  
An exceptional event which had been announced the day before on the Vatican website: https://www.vaticannews.va/it/chiesa/news/2019-08/a-medjugorje-al-via-il-festival-dei-giovani.html You may smile while watching our 6′ video, it will give you a glimpse of our Youth…: http://www.enfantsdemedjugorje.fr/30eme-festival-des-jeunes-a-medjugorje/

PS4.  Hong Kong in trouble! Seeing the very serious events happening there, we suggest that we start a special chain of prayer and fasting for Hong Kong, until peace is settle back! An appeal has been sent to many friends, remembering these words from the Gospa:”Only by prayer and fasting can the war be stopped.”

PS5. Marcel Van, Resources: http://www.marcelvanassociation.com/writings-of-van/ Marcel Van, Autobiography : Marcel Van – Complete Works – 1, Amis de Van, 456 p. 19,50 € Marcel Van, Conversations : Marcel Van – Complete Works – 2, Amis de Van, 472 p. 19,50 € Marcel Van, Correspondence : Marcel Van – Complete Works – 3, Amis de Van, 575 p. 19,50 € Marcel Van, Other writings: Marcel Van – Complete Works – 4,Amis de Van, 367 p. 19,50 €

Web site for English books: https://www.laboutiquedevan.com/livres-en-anglais

PS6. Our next missions will be in Spain in September, Italy in October and India in November. Hong Kong in July 2020. May your prayers accompany us for a beautiful spiritual harvest! Thank you!

You had an abortion? I have something to share with you…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kncHijv_KLg

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