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September 2 2019 Our Lady of Medjugorje extraordinary message given through visionary Mirjana:

Dear children, pray, pray the rosary every day, the bouquet of flowers which directly, as a mother, connect me to your pain, sufferings, desires and hopes.

Apostles of my love, I am with you through the grace and love of my Son and I’m asking you for prayers. The world needs your players so much for the souls to convert.

Open your hearts to my Son with complete confidence and trust and He, in them, will write His words and this is love. Live an unbreakable connection with the sacred heart of my Son.

My children, as a mother I’m telling you that is ultimate time, final time, for you to kneel down in front of my Son, to knowledge Him as your God, the center of your life. Present Him the gifts, what He loves the most and that is love towards your neighbor, mercy and a pure heart.

Apostles of my love, many of my children still had not recognized my Son as their God, they still had not come to know His love. But you, with your prayers, said with a pure and open heart, with gifts that you will present to my Son, you will make that even the toughest hearts will open.

Apostles of my love, the strength of prayer sent from the heart, the powerful prayer full of love changes the world, therefore my children, pray, pray, pray.

I am with you, I thank you.

Our Lady blessed all of those present and their religious items.

The Medjugorje message of September 2 2019, is for all non-believers.