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Sister Emmanuel recently released her October 2019 report about Medjugorje. She spread Our Lady messages to the world through her roman catholic missionary organization enfantsdemedjugorje.fr.


  1. On 2 October, 2019, Mirjana…
  2. We become what…
  3. Family memory…
  4. Don Gabriele Amorth…
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Medjugorje, October 2019
Our Lady of the Rosary

Dear children of Medjugorje, praised be Jesus and Mary!

1. On 2 October, 2019, Mirjana received her monthly apparition at the Blue Cross, surrounded by a large crowd of pilgrims. After the apparition, she conveyed this message:

Dear children, the will and the love of the Heavenly Father make it so that I am among you, that I, with a motherly love, may help the growth of faith in your heart, for you to be able to truly comprehend the purpose of earthly life and the greatness of the heavenly one. My children, the earthly life is the way to eternity, to truth, and to life-to my Son. I desire to lead you on that way.

You, my children-you who always thirst for more love, truth, and faith-need to know that there is only one spring from which you can drink. It is trust in the Heavenly Father; it is trust in His love.

Abandon yourselves completely to His will and do not be afraid. Everything that is best for you, everything that leads you to eternal life, will be given to you. You will comprehend that the purpose of life is not always to want and take, but to love and give. You will have true peace and true love. You will be apostles of love. By your example, you will make it so that those children who do not know my Son and His love may desire to come to know Him. My children, apostles of my love, adore my Son with me and love Him above all. Always strive to live in His truth. Thank you.

As on all sites linked to Medjugorje, at the request of the authorities, we won’t post the video of Mirjana’s apparition as before. Obedience is always blessed!

2. We become what we contemplate! Why, on Christian radio stations, is the Rosary prayer the show with the largest audience? Why, in CD sales charts, is the Rosary the bestseller?
Why did the great thaumaturge Padre Pio always have the Rosary in his hand?
Why did Mother Teresa of Calcutta’s Rosary open all the doors for her?
Why does the Woman Who Crushes the Serpent’s Head recommend the Rosary so much?
Why was the Rosary the favorite prayer of St. John Paul II?
Why does Satan tremble at the simple name of Mary in the Rosary?
Why is the Rosary the prayer of the New Times?

Because the Rosary is the prayer of Mary herself! As she said in Medjugorje: “Dear children, when I was on earth, I was praying the Rosary constantly!” How did she do that in her time, when the Rosary did not exist? She revealed the secret: “When I was on earth, I constantly had my eyes fixed on the life of Jesus, my Son, and that is what the Rosary is!” (Message to Jelena Vasilj, for the prayer group).

It opens up all the horizons of contemplation and its fruits. The more we lovingly plunge into the life of Jesus revealed in the Gospel, and also in to the lives of the Saints, the more we are absorbed into what he is and what he has. We grow in likeness to Jesus, just as Mary did, day by day, by contemplating him constantly. Yes, in the Rosary, we become what we contemplate! Each Rosary prayed with the heart increases this resemblance. And if, with Mary, we contemplate Jesus in the Mysteries of his life, we enrich our hearts and souls in such a way that the enemy runs away. The mere name of Mary in the Ave Maria is an unbearable torture for Satan, for it is she, Mary, who was appointed by God to crush his head. We, as her descendants, can do this, if we stand with her. “Sin will reign,” she said last summer, “but if you are mine, you will win! (July 25, 2019).

Pope Francis invited all the faithful to recite the Rosary every day in October, and to end it with prayers to St. Michael the Archangel, followed by the traditional hymn to Mary, Sub Tuum Praesidium, in order to protect the Church from the demon in these times of crisis. . (See PS 1)

3. Family memory. During the Second World War, my father was arrested by the Gestapo for his activities in the Resistance. He spent three years in a cell with 10 other resistance fighters in concentration camps in Germany. As a great lover of Our Lady, he prayed the Rosary often. His mother, whose only son he was, had no news of him over those years, but she was heroically trusting in Mary, and kept believing that he would return, praying rosary after rosary.

One day when my father was exhausted and starving like all his fellow prisoners, the SS in faction asked the prisoners to carry stones from a quarry to the place where they planned to build something. Each prisoner was given a stone to carry. When my father saw the stone he was given, he understood that his last hour had come, for it was impossible for him to lift it even an inch as it was so large. He also knew that if he didn’t carry it, the dogs of the SS would jump on him and the guards would finish him off like a beast. He had seen this happen before.

Standing by his stone, in his distress, he looked up. He then saw a simple house close by, and on its façade was a small alcove in which stood a statue of the Blessed Mother. When my father saw the statue, he exclaimed inwardly, “Mary, save me!” At that very moment, the heavy stone became weightless! My father used to say, “It became lighter than confetti!”Of the 10 men in his Resistance cell, he was the only one to come back alive (thanks to which I was born!). Needless to say, my father never failed to pray his rosary every day!

4. Don Gabriele Amorth, former president of all exorcists, who died in September 2016 said “The Rosary is probably the most famous exorcism in the world”. In the introduction to his latest book, “My Rosary” (San Paolo Publishing), he writes: “I believe that the Rosary is the most powerful prayer, after the Holy Mass and the Liturgy of the Hours”. In this last book, written at the age of ninety, he decided to reveal the source of his inner strength: it is precisely the prayer of the Rosary and the daily meditation of the twenty mysteries. It is this prayer that always supported him in his daily struggle against evil, during all his years spent in the Diocese of Rome.

Cardinal Ernest Simoni. Under the communist regime in Albania, he was sentenced to death several times, spending more than twenty years in prison and in forced labor in the sewers. At the Medjugorje Youth Festival in 2017, he said: “Anyone who prays three Rosaries a day will receive unimaginable miracles. So love the Rosary, pray it. I guarantee you that the Virgin Mary, the Queen of Peace, will fill you with many graces, and be sure that you will receive light and peace. Everything you ask the Blessed Virgin will be presented to Jesus and Jesus will grant it. I want to testify to that, right here and in our day. Don’t be afraid, she is with us and will always protect the world!”

Saint Joseph Cafasso recounts that one day, very early in the morning, he met a little old woman gathered in prayer in the streets of Turin. The saint approached her and asked, “How is it that you are here so early, my good lady?” “I walk here to clean the streets,” she replied. Surprised, the saint asked, “What does that mean?” “Last night there was a carnival, and many sins were committed. So I pass by, praying the Rosary, in order to cleanse the streets of all these sins.”

Saint Maximilian Kolbe. In the diary of this martyr of charity, we read: “As many rosaries are prayed, so many souls are saved!”

St. Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, this great Marian apostle, said that “When the Holy Spirit finds love for Mary in a soul, he flies to it!”

5. Do you love St. Joseph? Many ask me if I am writing a new book. The answer is NO. My last book was precisely about the Rosary. However, I must confess that the other day I made a deal with St. Joseph, because one of my brothers is looking to sell his house to move to smaller one. Talking about finding a place to live, you could say that St Joseph’s search didn’t start out well… The stable in Bethlehem was not ideal for the birth of a child in the middle of winter. But since then, from Heaven above, he has made up for it! “If you find a buyer for my brother’s house,” I told him, “I promise to write a little book about you, in order to make you more known and loved…” He probably couldn’t help being enticed, because soon after, the buyer showed up! Well… now I have to do my part!

In order to enrich this book and make it beautiful, I need to gather powerful testimonies about St. Joseph, who has and will become more and more important in the Church and elsewhere. You can help me with this! Recall his blessings, his favors, and also the personality traits that have struck you! You can send them to me at gospa.fr@gmail.com THANK YOU!

6. My next live commentary on the message of the 2nd in French will take place on October 3rd at 9 p.m. Medjugorje time. The one of September 3rd is on https://www.enfantsdemedjugorje.fr/medjugorje-direct-du-3-octobre-2019

7.  I have just returned from my mission to 11 cities in Spain. You can follow my talks in French/Spanish given…

In Murcia: “An alma para el mundo, Sor Emmanuel.” 


In Barcelona: “los tiempos actuales y el futuro”


In Madrid:


Dearest Gospa, how could we not love you? How could we live far from you, you who keep proving to us your immeasurable love?

Sister Emmanuel +
Community of the Beatitudes
(Translated from French)

PS1. Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle. Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil; May God rebuke him, we humbly pray; And do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls.

Sub Tuum Praesidium. Under thy protection we seek refuge, O Holy Mother of God; In our needs, despise not our petitions, but deliver us always from all dangers, O Glorious and Blessed Virgin.

PS2. NEW! “What Mary Says at Medjugorje” A new series of videos! Every month since August 15, Sr. Emmanuel gives a few 2 or 3 minute messages on what the Blessed Virgin says in Medjugorje.’ (In French)

PS3. Our next missions: Italy and the USA in October and India in November. Italy in January, Sicily in March, Hong Kong in July 2020, God willing considering the situation there. May your prayers be with us! Thank you!

PS4. ‘In Sinu Jesu’ is a book written by an anonymous Benedictine Monk who received profound messages from Our Lord. This is a ‘must read’ for all priests and lay people. Jesus really speaks to our heart through this book.

PS5. NOUVEAU! Pray the chaplet of Mercy with sister Emmanuel Maillard in Medjugorje www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZa5DL05T-I

PS6. You had an abortion? I have something to share with you… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kncHijv_KLg

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