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Sister Emmanuel recently released her November 2019 report about Medjugorje. She spread Our Lady messages to the world through her roman catholic missionary organization enfantsdemedjugorje.fr.


  1. On November 2, 2019…
  2. Unmasking evil…
  3. God in the first place…
  4. Avoiding Purgatory…
  5. Our next Live Broadcast…
  6. I am preparing for my mission…

Medjugorje, November 2019

Dear children of Medjugorje, praised be Jesus and Mary!

1. On November 2, 2019, Mirjana received her monthly apparition at the Blue Cross in spite of the bad weather, surrounded by pilgrims who had come for All Saints’ Day. Then, she conveyed this message:

Dear children, my beloved Son always prayed and glorified the Heavenly Father. He always said everything to Him and trusted in His will. This is what you, my children, should also do, because the Heavenly Father always listens to His children. One heart in one heart – love, light and life.

The Heavenly Father gave Himself through a human face, and this face is the face of my Son. You, apostles of my love, you should always carry the face of my Son in your hearts and your thoughts. You should always think of His love and His sacrifice. You should pray to always feel His presence, because, apostles of my love, that is the way for you to help all those who do not know my Son, who have not come to know His love.

My children, read the book of the Gospel. It is always something new, it is what binds you to my Son who was born to bring the words of life to all of my children and to sacrifice Himself for all. Apostles of my love, carried by the love for my Son, bring love and peace to all of your brothers. Judge no one. Love everyone according to the love for my Son. In this way, you will also be caring for your soul, and it [your soul] is that which is most precious, which truly belongs to you. Thank you.

As on all sites linked to Medjugorje, at the request of the authorities, we won’t post the video of Mirjana’s apparition as before. Obedience is always blessed!

2. Unmasking evil. All those who want to follow the Lord and work for him with all their heart know that the enemy always tries to discourage them in all kinds of ways. Fortunately, through fasting and prayer, one can discern the traps and avoid falling into them. Our Blessed Mother is an expert at warning us of evil that may be lurking about, and sometimes it is enough to ask for her help. I know a community leader who was responsible for looking after a large number of people.

Among them, people coming out of prison, prostitution, etc., who were being offered a path to restoration in Christ by this Community. There was a building for men and set apart from this another one for women. You had to be very vigilant! Seeing that he could not be everywhere at once, this brother asked Our Lady to warn him if something was wrong, so that he could nip the problem in the bud. One night, while he was sleeping soundly, he suddenly awoke, seized by the conviction that he had to go immediately, in the dark, to the male only building. When he got there, he saw that one of the men had taken in his room one of the single mothers. I’ll skip the details! After a long conversation, the brother understood that this man wanted to seduce all the women who were emotionally vulnerable. That night, Our Lady was able to intervene, shedding light on the situation. The man was offered another spot in a place where only men resided. And this in turn enabled the young mother to break the bond with this man and continue on the road to inner healing.

I know a man of God who was often confronted with people infested with the Evil One for having committed all kinds of serious sins. He gave me one of his prayers, short but powerful. I believe that this simple prayer can help many of us who want to walk with God without falling into a trap:

“Lord Jesus, please drop the masks of all the people around me! Make visible to me that which is hidden in them and what they are concealing. Especially highlight all the traps that the devil is using against me to obstruct my path to you, so that I may know them and avoid them.”

3. God in the first place…possible? A young American guy, Matthew, stood out among the other students. He emanated such peace! He was a true witness of Christ. He prayed a lot and had a deep love for Jesus. He made a deal with the Lord, promising to do everything possible to carry out God’s will, at any cost. He understood that the secret of happiness was to realize his Creator’s plan for his life, as much as possible. One day, Matthew fell in love with a young lady who in turn also fell in love with him. They gradually started making plans to get married the following year, and decided to live chastely during their period of engagement.

Sometime later however, Matthew received a call to the priesthood. Shaken by this call, he questioned himself, and asked the Lord what He really wanted for him: marriage or priesthood? Matthew then decided to go and pray in a monastery for 3 days, remain in silence and listen in his heart to what the Lord would say to him. He needed to make sure he wouldn’t choose the wrong path! In his prayer, he said, “Lord, I will take this time to pray to you, but I ask you for one thing, just one: be clear! Give me a very clear sign of your will for me. Not a passing emotion, not a simple thought or a feeling, no, I ask you for a very concrete and unambiguous sign!”

Then he went to meet with his fiancée and said, “I think I may be called to the priesthood. But first I have to pray a lot to understand what the Lord wants from me. Because you see, it’s very important to do His will, to really fit in with what He wants from us.” The young lady got upset and exclaimed, “Forget the will of God! Everything is clear between us, why complicate our lives and seek God’s will?! Please drop all that!” There came a deep silence between them, and then Matthew whispered to himself: “Lord, I thank you for the very clear sign you just gave me!”Matthew joined the seminary and was ordained. He is a happy priest. At the time, this sacrifice cost him a lot because he sincerely loved his fiancée. But his choice to do God’s will at all costs saved him from a lot of pain. In fact, marrying a girl who declared that she had no regard for God’s will in her life would have been a disaster, and likely have caused a crisis in the early days of their marriage. On that day, a great tragedy and a lot of suffering was averted. Putting God first is long-term security!

4. Avoiding Purgatory…possible? Blessed are those who had the opportunity to hear Vicka, the visionary, speak about her “journey” when, together with Jakov, they were carried away by the Blessed Mother and saw Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. (See PS1). But blessed too are those who simply believe what the Church teaches about life after death (See PS2). This November, when we pray for the deceased, I would like to highlight a point about Purgatory. In our day, even among some consecrated people, the existence of Purgatory is being questioned, as if this reality should suddenly cease to exist because it makes certain minds uncomfortable. Yet, many mystics visited Purgatory, including St. Faustina, St. Maryam of Bethlehem, Saint John Vianney, not to mention Padre Pio and many others! Their stories are amazing. Yes, Purgatory is real, and it is highly advisable to think about it now before tackling the last station of our life on earth.

How can we avoid this very painful purification before entering the embrace of God where we experience the perfect union of love with Him?  Here are a few points to remember:- Do a lot for souls in purgatory. Have Masses celebrated for them, offer a rosary, a way of the cross, a fast, or offer some of our sufferings for them. Mary tells us that when we pray for the souls in Purgatory, we obtain intercessors who in turn will intercede for us. These souls will help us not to attach ourselves to earthly things, but to God.- Practice humility, this very powerful weapon against Satan.- Have complete confidence in God’s goodness and trust in his infinite mercy.- Be very charitable towards the poor, and give God the tithe of our income. “Charity covers a multitude of sins” (1 Peter 4:8).- Take care of our elderly parents and devote ourselves to them.- Renounce sin and frequent regularly the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession).- Be merciful and readily forgive offenses received. “Blessed are the merciful, for they will be shown mercy,” Jesus tells us. (Matt. 5:7)- Never judge anyone. “Judge not, that we be not judged,” Jesus tells us. (Mat 7:1)- Above all, avoid gossip and slander, as well as any sin against charity. Unconfessed slander requires a very long and painful purification in purgatory.

5.  Our next Live Broadcast (in French) on the message of the 2nd will be on December 3 at 9 p.m. The November 3 program (45′) can be seen at: https://youtu.be/pQMcXK7iJB0

6.  I am preparing for my mission in India this month (in New Delhi and Kerala), then Italy in January and Sicily in March. Hong Kong in July, God willing. So I invite you to pray fervently, for many fruits to be borne and for our Heavenly Father to be glorified! Together, we form a prayerful community, it is beautiful. Thanks to the Communion of the Saints, our active participation in these missions makes a great difference in terms of the fruits and the number of people touched by the messages. St. Thérèse, the Little Flower, in the silence of her Carmel monastery of Lisieux, powerfully helped the missionaries who were struggling in the difficult and wonderful work of evangelization. Will you please be my “Little Thérèse'”?

Dearest Gospa, you have always been captivated by the face of your beloved Son, Jesus. Please, give us the eyes of your pure heart to adore Him!

Sister Emmanuel +
Community of the Beatitudes
(Translated from French)

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PS2.  Catechism of the Catholic Church (§ 1022, 1030, 1031, 1032)

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