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Sister Emmanuel recently released her January 2020 report about Medjugorje. She spread Our Lady messages to the world through her roman catholic missionary organization enfantsdemedjugorje.fr.


  1. On January 2nd, 2020…
  2. Denis Lefèvre, a 63-year-old…
  3. Mary Untier of Knots…
  4. Great news for France!…
  5. Once again, a fake message…
  6. Our next Live Broadcast…

Medjugorje, 14 January 2020

Dear children of Medjugorje, praised be Jesus and Mary!

1. On January 2nd, 2020, Mirjana received her monthly apparition at the Blue Cross, surrounded by a large number of pilgrims who came to entrust the New Year to the Blessed Mother. She conveyed this message:

Dear children, I know that I am present in your lives and in your hearts. I feel your love, I hear your prayers and direct them to my Son. But, my children, according to motherly love, I desire to be in the lives of all of my children. I desire to gather all of my children around me, beneath my motherly mantle.

This is why I am inviting you and calling you, apostles of my love, to help me.

My children, my Son pronounced the words of the ‘Our Father’-Our Father, [you] who are everywhere and in our hearts-because He desires to teach you to pray with words and feelings. He desires for you to always be better, to live merciful love which is prayer and limitless sacrifice for others.

My children, give to my Son love for your neighbors, give words of consolation, compassion and acts of justice to your neighbors. Everything that you give to others, apostles of my love, my Son accepts as a gift. I am also with you, because my Son desires for my love, as a ray of light, to bring your souls to life; for me to help you in the search for peace and eternal happiness. Therefore, my children, love one another, be united through my Son, be children of God who all together, with full, open and pure heart, pronounce the ‘Our Father’. And do not be afraid!

Thank you.

As on all sites linked to Medjugorje, at the request of the authorities, we won’t post the video of Mirjana’s apparition as before. Obedience is always blessed!

2. Denis Lefèvre, a 63-year-old man from France, tells the story of how, on his first trip to Israel, the group of pilgrims he was with were invited to go to Bethlehem to what is called “The Milk Cave”, where tradition has it that Mary fed the Child Jesus with her maternal milk. Denis was Catholic, but more like a Christmas and Easter Catholic, because he hadn’t yet encountered the love of God in his heart. So here he was in the milk cave when the guide invited the pilgrims to hold close to their hearts a little doll depicting the Child Jesus and pray to Him in silence. Denis could feel his blood boiling, thinking, “They will tell tourists anything! They want me to pray to God with a plastic doll in my arms! This kind of devotion is ridiculous!” But when it was his turn, he didn’t want to offend the other pilgrims, so he took the Child Jesus in his arms, rather reluctantly, and distanced himself a little from the group.
His first surprise was that the doll was not plastic, it was made of porcelain, and weighed like a real new born baby, which put him at ease. And then, all of a sudden, to his surprise, the eyes of the Child Jesus came alive! Jesus was looking at him!
“I was so shocked,” says Denis! “I felt a tremendous love and was so overcome with emotion that I burst into tears. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from His! He was adorable! How long did it last, I cannot say, but the other pilgrims told me that I stayed with the Child for a long time.”
“I returned to the Holy Land three times, and every time, I experienced this wonderful gift. Those eyes are with me at every moment! The Child Jesus lives within me!”

Denis only told me about this amazing experience a few weeks ago at Christmas when his pilgrimage to Medjugorje was drawing to a close, and he was reliving this incredible occasion in his heart. He couldn’t talk about it without crying! Every time he tells the story, he feels that outpouring of tenderness that the Child Jesus communicated to him through His gaze. A divine, indescribable look…

Who wouldn’t love to see the eyes of this Divine Child? What some people experience as a real-life miracle through a wonderful favor from God, others live it with the eyes of faith! And we rejoice and give thanks to God, for this is the same gaze that will one day welcome us in Heaven, the gaze of a tiny child that has made Himself poor and vulnerable to be one with us in our poverty, seeking our tenderness!

3. Mary Untier of Knots. Many know the famous novena to “Mary, untier of knots”, a powerful prayer to the Blessed Mother that unravels many seemingly dead-end and unconscionable situations. But do you know where the term comes from?

It has its roots in the early history of the Church, appearing at the beginning of the 3rd century in the writings of Saint Irenaeus of Lyon. This Father of the Church, in what is one of the very first treatise on theology, written to fight the heresies threatening the Christian faith, talks about the crucial role of Mary, the “New Eve”, in the plan of salvation. And he details the truly remarkable way in which God proceeded to restore man to his original dignity: he found in Mary the new Eve, the pioneer of a humanity reconciled with God. Mary is a woman with a husband, just like Eve. But that’s where the similarities end. While Eve became a cause of death to herself and the entire human race through her disobedience, Mary, through her complete obedience, by saying yes to God, became the cause of salvation for all humankind. What has happened is a complete reversal of situation from Mary to Eve, through this similarity, as though seen in an inverted mirror.

Saint Irenaeus reveals the deeper reason for this: “Because what has been bound can only be unbound if the loops in the knot are done in reverse, so that the initial loops are defeated by the later ones, and conversely, the later ones release the initial loops. In other words, an initial bond is undone by a second bond, and the second constitutes the unraveling of the initial bond.”
And thus the circle is complete – or rather, the knot is untied! With a new Eve, Mary, and a new Adam, Jesus Christ, God has created a new path to lead man away from the hell of sin. He has forever untied all our bonds by going back through all the knots in which the lies of the Evil One had locked us. It is therefore easier to understand the strength and effectiveness of this novena to Mary, Untier of Knots, so aptly named!

I myself have experienced the power of this novena and this is why I recommend it! It can be found easily on the internet and in booklets in your Catholic bookstores.

4. Great news for France! Mgr. Henryk Hoser, the Pope’s special envoy to Medjugorje, will be in Fréjus and Toulon on 10 and 11 February 2020 for two exceptional evenings. The program includes: Rosary, Mass, conference on Mary, and worship. See leaflet at the bottom of the page.

5. Once again, a fake message, supposedly from the Mother of God and attributed to the visionary Ivan Dragicevic, is being circulated everywhere. Its content is extremely alarming and concerns the Middle East. The exact same message had already been shared in the past for a number of years, and now it has reappeared, making those who receive it uncomfortable. Ivan is very sorry to see that his name is being used to spread false information, which moreover is not at all in the style of Our Lady.
In actual fact, Mary delivers 2 messages each month, why would she suddenly need to use another channel to tell us something important, and what is more, make such strange requests? Requiring churches to be opened at a specific time for prayer will only create difficulties for the priests and lead them to doubt the seriousness of Medjugorje!
This kind of message would have no impact if we refrained from sharing unverified information. Please wait until you receive formal confirmation from the source before sharing it with others! This will avoid playing into the hands of the enemy, creating confusion, anxiety and doubt.

That said, it is obvious that we must pray for our brothers in the Middle East and for peace in the world! This is why, for more than 38 years, Mary has been begging us to pray and fast to avoid wars.

6. Our next Live Broadcast on the message of the 2nd of the month will be on February 3rd at 9 p.m. (in French). The January 3 broadcast can be seen here: https://www.enfantsdemedjugorje.fr/medjugorje-direct-du-3-janvier/

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7. Have you thought about drawing the name of a saint, your companion for the year? Don’t leave the saint who chose you unemployed! (See PS 1)

Dearest Gospa, you say to us again and again, “Don’t be afraid!” Indeed, “love banishes fear.” But today, living in this world that has no peace, you know how hard it is not to let fear seep in. You who have seen it all, tell us your secret! Help us surrender to God with your trust, and to live His Word humbly and faithfully. Because then He will provide for the rest.

Sister Emmanuel +
Community of the Beatitudes
(Translated from French)

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