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Sister Emmanuel recently released her April 2021 report about Medjugorje. She spread Our Lady messages to the world through her roman catholic missionary organization enfantsdemedjugorje.fr.

Medjugorje, April 18, 2021

My dear friends, praised be Jesus and Mary!

1. On March 25 2021, visionary Marija Pavlović received the monthly message:

Dear children! Once again I am with you today to tell you: Little children, whoever prays does not fear the future and does not lose hope. You are chosen to carry joy and peace, because you are mine. I have come here with the name ‘Queen of Peace’ because the devil wants worry and war, he wants to fill your heart with fear of the future – but the future is God’s. That is why, be humble and pray, and surrender everything into the hands of the Most High who created you. Thank you for having responded to my call.

2. The answer to all our questions! On the evening of March 25th, during the apparition, the translators of the message were gathered in the chapel of the visionary Marija. When they saw her crying during and after the apparition, they wondered what kind of message could cause these tears! Then Marija disappeared as usual into the small sacristy to write down the message received from Our Lady. When she came back to the small group waiting for the message, she exclaimed: “Why do you look so sad?” Then she joyfully read the message quoted above. She beamed with joy, it was as if she was proud of her Heavenly Mother for connecting us – or reconnecting us – to the real answer to the world’s problems.

The Blessed Mother did not draw up an endless list for us of what is going wrong today, like the media does, those media outlets that are so quick to destroy any hope. No, she went in the opposite direction, she lifted our eyes to THE SOLUTION that we tend to forget, and which is nevertheless the only solution that is able to save us. Mary really is something! She not only knows the past and the present, but the future as well. Also, she is a mother. If she tells us “Whoever prays does not fear the future and does not lose hope”, she knows what she is talking about! She is our Queen, and she gathers up the people who are willing to follow her instructions as a mother and a sovereign, with the confidence of children.

Why do those who pray have no fear of the future? Because praying with the heart brings us into a deep intimacy with our God, the One who created us, the One who is madly in love with us and who wants the best for us. By praying with the heart (in other words, praying with love and trust), we become one with Him, so that we find ourselves safe in his Heart of fire which is, was and always will be our final destiny. He is the Master of the world and of history. He does not watch the world as a spectator, He acts. Sometimes quietly, but always with the power of love. Certainly, human beings can make others suffer, and they are doing this nowadays in the most shameless manner. Mary warned us about all this in her messages. “Trials will come…” (July 25, 2019)

My friends, with God, and with God alone do we have a true refuge and victory. His Word is true, it creates. He tells us, for instance, “The Lord foils the plans of the nations” (Ps 33:10). Speaking of his enemies, he says, “They dug a pit in my path – but they have fallen into it themselves!” (Ps 57:6) Would the Lord lie to us? Has he ceased to be divinely powerful? Has He given up on our misery and left it to man to become the master of the world? During my long life, I have met thousands of people of all races, languages and cultures, here in Medjugorje and in my missions abroad. I have noticed one thing that has touched me deeply: those who truly pray radiate a peace that is not of this world. I was going to say, “You can recognize them a mile away”! Even in suffering or illness, they are always happy. They know in whom they have placed their hope. Their joy can be neither manufactured nor feigned, for it is given to them from above, in prayer. This is wonderful! But it is a small remnant, still too few in number, in spite of Our Lady’s pressing appeals over the past 40 years.

My friends, it is an honor for you to be one of them! Resolute hearts are the ones that change the world! Whether political or health-focused, there is no solution which, if it is designed outside of God and without prayer, will save the world. “Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be uprooted” Jesus tells us (Mt 15:13). This is the only valid bulwark that can protect us against the darkness that could overtake us, without forgetting fasting. Let us not look for it elsewhere!

3. I would like to thank all those who prayed for me while I was having my hip operation last month in Italy. Everything went well, and I am recovering well. May the fruit of your prayers be transformed into graces for you as well!

4. Beware! False mercy? In the wake of the Feast of Divine Mercy, I would like to provide some useful clarifications to help us understand what true mercy is, and to avoid the many traps of false mercy. The example of Gloria Polo is crystal clear, so concrete, and it struck me deeply. (See PS 1)

As a teenager, although of Catholic origin, Gloria had gradually fallen into a dissolute way of life, wanting to imitate her friends who were left to their own devices spiritually. They were sheep without a shepherd! At the age of 16 she found herself pregnant and was frightened. But her friends gave her the “magic key” that could get her out of her predicament: “Do what we do, don’t be dumb, abortion is nothing, in an hour you’ll be rid of the problem! And plus, it’s free!”

Shortly after her abortion, she had a kind of wake-up call because she felt a strong sickness come over her. Deep down she felt that her lifestyle was “off” and was not leading her to true happiness. A major question stuck in her mind: “Where am I going to end up with this kind of life? This isn’t the right kind of behavior. I’m deteriorating, I’m falling into a hole, there is something wrong with me. I’m going down a wrong path!”

She decided to go see a priest and tell him what she was experiencing, and get some advice for her life so as to follow a better path. She was sincerely looking for the light! She opened her heart to this priest who listened to her talk about her choices, her sins, her downfalls and her deep doubts about the quality of her life. At the end of this story, the priest smiled at her and said, to put her at ease: “Don’t worry! You’re young, enjoy life, do what your friends are doing, why be different? God is good, he always forgives, don’t worry! Go in peace!”

What do you think of this answer? In any case, from that day on, according to her own testimony, Gloria threw herself wholeheartedly into immorality. Why not? After all, hadn’t she received the approval of the Church through its representative? Hadn’t she been given the green light to blindly follow her instincts and “do what everyone else is doing”? Her soul became filled with darkness as she committed more serious sins, trampling on God’s commandments without any scruples. She thought she had found a way to freedom and happiness, but in reality she had received what could be called a “deadly sleeping pill” for her soul. “Dear children,” Mary tells us, “you are placing yourselves in the hands of Satan without thinking.”

One thing led to another, she became a real pest, full of pride and contempt for others, she mocked God and the Church. Those who know her story and those who want to know her will see what it led to when, struck down in an instant by lightning, she found herself before the throne of God… To make a long story short, she saw herself falling and tumbling into a frightening abyss, until her feet were near the doors of hell. She began to cry out for God’s mercy (at last!). Jesus was just waiting for that cry; Gloria then saw herself climbing back up. She saw Jesus who entrusted her with a very beautiful mission, that of announcing to the world what there is beyond death and how urgent it is to be converted, to make a sincere confession and to follow the way of Jesus. She attracted thousands of people to conversion! (See PS 1)

For my part, I believe that if Gloria was able to cry out to God in this way when she was a hair’s breadth away from hell, it is thanks to the prayer of a holy man, but it is also because God knew that a priest had launched her onto the dangerous path toward the death of the soul through a murderous statement, instead of showing her the way to salvation offered by Jesus. Let us pray for the holiness of priests and their strong adherence to the Gospel. God alone judges the responsibilities of each one of us. But how many young people have been thrown into despair through this type of false mercy, which is basically a ‘live and let live’ attitude that is supposed to be easy-going and cool?

Can you imagine a doctor putting his cancer patient at ease, and telling him: “Don’t worry, it’s not so bad, keep smoking and drinking, there’s no need to stop. You don’t need any special treatment.” By doing this, you would be robbing the patient of any chance of survival.

False mercy is extremely serious. It consists of denying the reality of sin and its seriousness, and therefore the need for salvation. This means making the cross of Christ useless. It is a subtle trap set by the enemy because it is disguised as goodness, understanding, compassion, tolerance… A subtle imitation! Saying: “It doesn’t matter, everyone does it”, is murderous. It deprives us of God’s mercy and forgiveness.

Thanks be to God, there are many holy priests, who radiate the love of Christ. They are recognizable in their teaching and in the confessional, when they invite their penitents to sincerely regret their sins and to trust in the infinite mercy of God, who has the heart of a father. For, as Jesus said to Saint Faustina, “If the soul were like a rotting corpse, and there were no human remedy, it is not so before God! The flames of my Mercy consume me. I am in a hurry to pour them out on souls. No sin, even an abyss of abjection, will exhaust my mercy, for the more it is drawn upon, the more it increases. It is for sinners that I have shed all my blood. Let them not fear to approach me!” (Diary § 1448)

Sin is serious if we decide to be obstinate. It is not so much the sin itself that can lose us, it is to be obstinate in sin. Sin damages man, sin is not “just human”, as we mistakenly say. When we repent from our sins, God’s forgiveness puts a balm of tenderness on our wounds, restores our dignity. It gives us confidence in Him and in ourselves. It strengthens us for the next battle against our evil tendencies; and very often, from one confession to another, forgiveness frees us from these tendencies and heals us. That is where the Precious Blood of Christ flows over our infected wounds and transforms them into sources of blessing.

What about those who have never heard of the God of love and are ignorant of the Christian faith? Of course, they receive very special mercy from our Father. God is love and mercy by nature! He wants to save all people and he offers everyone the same chance to be with him in Heaven. He has given everyone the freedom to choose, at the latest at the moment of death, between good and evil, between the light and the darkness, and each one will be judged according to his conscience.

4. On March 18, 2021, the visionary Mirjana Soldo received her annual apparition, and this is the message she received: “Dear children, in a motherly way I am calling you to return to the joy and the truth of the Gospel, to return to the love of my Son – because He is waiting for you with open arms; that everything you do in life you do with my Son, with love; that it may be blessed for you; so that your spirituality may be internal, and not just external. Only in that way will you be humble, generous, filled with love and joyful; and my motherly heart will rejoice with you. Thank you.”

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Dearest Gospa, I marvel at the power of your intercession before God! How many souls have you led to turn to the light through your maternal prayer in our favor! I beg you, do not become weary of our iniquities, but take us under your maternal cloak, you who are the Refuge of Sinners!

Sister Emmanuel +
Community of the Beatitudes
(Translated from French)

PS 1. Gloria Polo, dentist in Bogota (Colombia), is a great witness for our time. Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to her overwhelming testimony!

PS 2. The weapons of victory! I have purposely filmed various Litanies. That is because every praise, every quality of God, of Mary, of the angels or the saints that are mentioned in the prayer of the litanies draws to us special graces, and enriches us with their own beauty. These praises are a terrible blow to Satan, and he complains about this himself during exorcisms. He hates the litanies and screams when the virtues of certain Saints are mentioned. In spiritual warfare, praying the litanies helps us win some great victories! Pray the litanies online! You will find them here: https://bit.ly/3tymT0c

PS 3. In Medjugorje, the evening program takes place daily inside the church, with the evenings of Adoration. Morning Masses in several languages are held in the Yellow Room, confessions are offered, etc. As for the hills, they are always there to welcome us! We are aware of being very privileged, especially since cases of viruses are rather rare now here, so we pray for all those who are suffering greatly from the harsh restrictions imposed on them.

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