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Sister Emmanuel recently released her June 2021 report about Medjugorje. She spread Our Lady messages to the world through her roman catholic missionary organization enfantsdemedjugorje.fr.

Medjugorje, June 18, 2021

My dear friends, praised be Jesus and Mary!

1. On May 25 2021, the visionary, Marija Pavlović, received the monthly message:

Dear children! Today I am looking at you and calling: return to God because He is love and out of love has sent me to you to lead you on the way of conversion. Leave sin and evil, decide for holiness and joy will begin to reign; and you will be my extended hands in this lost world. I desire that you be prayer and hope to those who have not come to know the God of love. Thank you for having responded to my call.

With just a few days until the 40th anniversary of the apparitions, our hearts are overflowing with gratitude to the Blessed Mother who, for 40 years, has not ceased to bless us, encourage us, console us, teach us, stimulate us… Imagine the world if Medjugorje had not existed! O dear Mother, how can we repay you for all the graces that you have given us?

2. Before this Anniversary, I was asked about how I see these daily visits from Mary. Here is my little personal testimony: After my first pilgrimage in June 1984, I moved to Medjugorje in December 1989, following a very strong call that was confirmed by my superiors. With a Sister from my community, we came here in freezing cold weather, with no money, no accommodation, and without knowing what Heaven had in store for us. Our only possession was the joy of being invited by Mary to dwell in her grace filled home where she is Queen.

The most powerful experience for me was her extraordinary maternal welcome. During those first 2 years, I sensed that I was being molded in the bosom of the Mother of God. An indescribable inner experience! Like a child huddled at her mother’s breast, I greedily absorbed everything she communicated to me about herself, and I felt that this intimacy with her was vital for me. I couldn’t imagine interrupting this, and I couldn’t even stand the idea of moving away from Medjugorje, not even being called somewhere else, because I saw that as a premature birth, almost a spiritual abortion. A holy lady who was receiving insights from God and whose charity was exemplary, said to me one day: “Sister Emmanuel, you will see, one day you will take your pilgrim’s staff and you will go on mission. You will carry Mary’s messages all over the world.” I confess that on that day, I called her a false prophet and shouted at her: “Out of the question, you’re talking rubbish!”

And yet she was right! After the 1992 war in Bosnia, my missions abroad began, but I believe that the Blessed Mother had finished the first part of her work within me, because she had secured Medjugorje in my heart, so that I no longer needed to be physically present in the village. I departed and returned to Medjugorje in peace, while begging Heaven to stay with me so that I could give the people who were waiting for me the best of messages. One day, I sort of provoked the visionary, Mirjana, a bit by asking her: “But all these messages, are they only for this village and for those who come here on pilgrimage?” She cried out, with tears in her eyes, “No! The Gospa wants her messages to reach all her children, in every country in the world!”

This remains our Mother’s strong desire. And yet we are still a long way from achieving this! Vicka told me that Our Gospa had expected a much bigger response from us. That is why, on this Anniversary, we should deeply console the Blessed Mother by taking her messages to heart as never before and witness to them – first through our life, and also through our words when we are given an opportunity to speak to open hearts. “If you are not afraid and if you testify with courage, the truth will miraculously triumph.” (June 2, 2015)

A new Bethlehem! I have noticed that for many pilgrims, Mary touches the depths of their hearts and nourishes them with her “maternal milk”, so much so that they see Medjugorje as their place of birth, the place where they were able to be reborn to life. A vital encounter that transforms their existence! Father Daniel-Ange rightly said: “Medjugorje is the Bethlehem of the 3rd Millennium.” Yes, a place where we are born, a place where we let ourselves be borne by the Mother of God. My natural mother Odile (God bless her!) gave birth to me for an earthly life that will come to an end. But the Mother of God is giving birth to me for a life in the Spirit, the life of Heaven which begins on earth, which will flourish in eternity and have no end. St. Bernard of Clairvaux said that “when we are on earth, we are not born yet. We are born when we enter Heaven. As long as we are on earth, we are borne in the bosom of the Mother of God.” How beautiful it is to be able to surrender entirely to Mary now, by consecrating ourselves to Her Immaculate Heart! Because then, if we really belong to her, she too really belongs to us, with all her riches, all her beauties! Little Thérèse of the Child Jesus understood this well, saying: “The treasure of the Mother belongs to the child!”

3. A genuine Mom! Today, when motherhood is being undermined in so many ways, Mary’s tender love is an extraordinary balm and an incentive to move forward. In these 40 years, we have lost count of all the words of tenderness that she expressed. They take us beyond the daily turpitudes that hurt us. Let’s try to read these few messages very slowly, with our heart (PS 2):

Dear children, I love each one of you as much as I love my Son Jesus. (Amazing indeed!) I love you with a tender love. If you knew how much I love you, you would weep for joy! I want to take you in my embrace… But you don’t wish it. As I carried my Son Jesus in my bosom, so do I want to carry each one of you on the path of holiness. I am your mother and I love you all. In every difficult moment, do not be afraid because I love you even when you are far away from me and my Son. Please do not make me cry tears of blood because of souls who are lost in sin.”

(March 1984)

My love for you is boundless! Give me your feelings and problems, I want to console you in your trials. I want to fill you with peace, joy and divine love.

(April 2, 2012)

My children, my joy will be great when I see that you accept my words and that you desire to follow me. Do not be afraid, you are not alone! Give me your hands and I will guide you.

(April 2, 2012)

I, as a mother, want to save you from lack of peace, from despair, and from eternal exile.

(May 2, 2012)

My children, as my eyes look at you, my soul is seeking those souls which desire to be ONE with mine – the souls that have understood the importance of prayer for those of my children who have not known the love of the Heavenly Father. I am calling on you because I need you… I will fill you with my graces and protect you from the evil spirit. I will be with you. By my presence, I will console you in difficult times…

(2 Sep 2012)

4. A word of inner healing! This Anniversary finds us in a very troubled world situation, so I wish to highlight this message which is often repeated by Our Gospa: “Do not be afraid! These words are repeated 365 times in the Bible, words of creation by the Creator himself, words that we can receive as words of inner healing, always renewed. Reflecting on Vicka’s words, her husband Mario, said this about the virus: “They want to fill us with fear, but we must not allow them to do so!” In this month dedicated to His Sacred Heart, Jesus wants to envelop us with His love and consolation. The foundation of our peace, Mary tells us, is prayer. “He who prays is not afraid of the future!” “If you are mine, you will win, for your refuge will be the Heart of my Son Jesus!”

At the beginning of the apparitions, the Blessed Mother shared her plan: “I have come to bring humanity close to the Heart of God.” But two years ago she said, sadly: “Humanity is moving farther and farther away from the Heart of God.” She never abandoned us, let us not abandon her! May this 40th Anniversary find us ready to achieve her dream! May all her children know the God of love in order to heal “this lost world“!

5. This summer, don’t miss this little book! “Mary’s Mantle Consecration – A spiritual retreat for Heaven’s help” by Christine Watkins. This beautiful 46-day consecration is easy to read and helps us to come closer to our heavenly Mother.

“Spiritual Warfare, the Fast Lane to Union with God” by Sr. Emmanuel. How to resist Satan and stay the course of prayer in the midst of so much spiritual confusion? “For we are not contending against flesh and blood, but against the principalities, against the powers, against the world rulers of this present darkness, against the spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” (Eph 6:12) Here is a pocket tool, easy to read, to help you pray and walk peacefully in the middle of the flames!

6. Our next Live Broadcast in French will be on June 26th at 9pm, focusing on the message for the 40th year of Mary’s visitations.The full live broadcast of May 26th can be seen here: https://youtu.be/kgRQ5CGjSTI Comments only: https://youtu.be/JPZkhige1AA

Dearest Gospa, today more than ever, we have full confidence in God’s plan of love for us, even in the midst of hard trials and especially when beset by trials! We shut ourselves off from the noisy and deadly suggestions of the evil one and we remain united with your beautiful Heart. But you know our weaknesses… Please keep us as the apple of your eye!

Sister Emmanuel +
Community of the Beatitudes
(Translated from French)

PS1. For this month of June, pray with us the Litanies to the Sacred Heart of Jesus! A very effective weapon against the other spirit, the one that seeks our perdition! bit.ly/3zOly8L

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PS2. Some of these messages were given by the Gospa to the local prayer group led by Jelena Vasilj as early as 1982.

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