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Sister Emmanuel recently released her October 2021 report about Medjugorje. She spread Our Lady messages to the world through her roman catholic missionary organization enfantsdemedjugorje.fr.

Medjugorje October 15, 2021
Saint Teresa of Avila

Dear friends, praised be to Jesus and Mary!

1. On September 25, 2021, the visionary, Marija, received the following monthly message:

Dear children! Pray, witness and rejoice with me because the Most High continues to send me to lead you on the way of holiness. Be aware, little children, that life is short, and eternity is waiting for you to give glory to God with your being, with all the saints. Little children, do not worry about earthly things, but long for Heaven. Heaven will be your goal and joy will begin to reign in your heart. I am with you and bless all of you with my motherly blessing. Thank you for having responded to my call.

2. A great gift for Mary! Vicka, the visionary, once told me, “You see, sorella, we love Jesus and Mary so much that we always seek new gifts to give them!”

The month of October is especially dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary, and so I think a beautiful gift has been set aside for her. Here is the story of this gift, and I rejoice at the thought of all the hearts that will be touched by it, both young and old:

Medjugorje, 2018.

A young girl from Canada, a student of mathematics, is doing her best to sincerely follow the school of Mary, with her deeply faithful parents and siblings. Katarina is 20 years old and hopes to marry and start a Christian family. She is very beautiful, the kind of natural beauty that comes from a heart that is simple and pure. Like her parents, she would not miss Sunday Mass or her daily Rosary for all the gold in the world. Of course, such a young girl stands out, and boys are attracted to her beauty. 

Often in the evening, she would tell her mother about the events of the day, because they love each other very much and enjoy discussing things that arose for them, both pleasant and unpleasant. We can guess that the mother cares about her daughter’s future. Of course, she wants the best for her and prays ardently. Didn’t Mary say: “Pray for young people, because they are in a very difficult situation all over the world.” The young people of Medjugorje are no exception!

Often, Katarina would return home in the evening with a new story. “Mom, I was invited out on a dateby a nice boy. On the first day, we exchanged smiles. On the second day, we had coffee together. On the third day, we had dinner together and went to the movies. Everything seemed to be going well, but at the end of the dinner…. bed! He wants me to go to bed with him! So I ended it”.

For Katarina, this scenario happened more than once, because the boys were happy to approach her. Every time, she would wait for the surprise on the 3rd date to see what the boy had in his heart. One day, however, the 3rd day went by, then the 4th and so on, until the 7th day.However, at the dinner on that 7th day, there was a great disappointment for Katarina because, once again… bed! And again, she left. Could there be any boy out there who was not like the others, she wondered? Would she finally find the person who would want to live his faith with her and respect her values? She prayed and did not despair.

One morning in Canada, her mother heard Katarina’s alarm clock ring at 5 a.m. She asked her, “Where are you going at this hour?” “Mom, my days are very busy with university studies and work. I have to find time for prayer before starting my day, and for that I only have the first hours of the day!”

One Sunday, in Medjugorje, her sister suggested they both go and pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy at the Blue Cross. There, she noticed a boy and felt in her heart that he was hers. But he himself did not see her. The next day, there he was again, they crossed paths and he smiled as he walked by her. Katarina said to herself: “He is surely a passing pilgrim, I will not see him again!” But the next day, not far from the church, he was there, smiled at Katarina and invited her for a cup of coffee. She expected the usual 3rd day syndrome, but against all odds, the days passed by and this boy, Mate (Matthew) happened to have a different kind of conversation.

A friendship started to develop. So, one day Mate asked Katarina, “How can such a pretty woman like you be alone?” Katarina paused, thought for a moment and said, “Do you really want to know why I’m alone?” “Yes, tell me!”

“Well, you see, I made a promise to God at a very young age. I asked Him for a Catholic husband who is a true believer, who knows how to respect and love me. And I gave Him my virginity until I got married. I kept my promise.”

Faced with such a confidence, Mate remained speechless. Tears began to flow down his face. Katarina saw that he was seized with a deep emotion. After a time of silence, Mate confided his own secret to her: “You know, I too desire the same thing as you, I too have promised God to live in chastity until marriage.”

Isn’t this a beautiful gift for Mary for this month of October, dedicated to Our Lady of the Rosary? A true story, the kind that makes her Immaculate Heart jump for joy!

Today, Katarina and Mate are married and have 2 little boys. They form a beautiful Christian family. They simply love each other. As with all young couples, life is not always easy, but they pray the Rosary together every day, they founded their family not on the quicksand of ephemeral passions, but on Christ. Katarina did not compromise with her promise, she trusted in God and his plan of love for her. In the painful hours of loneliness and temptations, in the succession of disappointments, she had the courage to wait for the hour of the visitation. It saved her!

May this amazing testimony touch the hearts of many! The Creator has a plan of peace for each of His children. Trusting Him and surrendering to his Providence is always a source of deep peace. The greatest happiness for a human being is to fulfill God’s plan, and with Him, it is never too late. So much suffering and drama would be avoided if our life choices stemmed from daily and trusting prayer, and not from conformity to the surrounding atheist world, which so easily tramples on God’s commandments. Fewer divorces, fewer tears, fewer suicides… Being faithful to the evangelical precepts and to God’s mercy places us under the divine blessing, which is needed more than ever. One day, seeing the refusal of some of her children to follow Christ, our Lady expressed her concern as follows:

“My children, do you think you can make it without God’s blessing?”
In these troubled days of great apostasy, may God’s blessing rest upon each one of us and sink into our hearts that abundance of peace to which we aspire so much!

3. Do not leave us! Yes, we rejoice with Mary, and we thank the Most High for allowing her to STILL be with us! “STILL” is a meaningful word in this last message! Let us now remember our Heavenly Mother through the bonds of the Rosary! According to the visionary, Vicka, Mary’s initial plan was not to stay that long! But many of her children abandoned her along the way, after experiencing her messages with enthusiasm for some time. If we persevere, if we beg her, who knows if she will be able to stay with us until the New Time that she has announced to us?!

In 40 years of apparitions, Mary has created thousands of small lights across the world. These are the “Apostles of the Last Times” of which St Louis de Montfort speaks, these small prayer groups, faithful and fervent, who fight against winds and tides, Rosary in hand, in a world that Mary does not hesitate to describe as “lost”. We must read the messages of the last 2 years, where she presents us with her plan for us, which is also that of the Divine Father, in opposition to that of Satan, who wants to annihilate every one of us as well as the planet on which we walk”. The fight is clear, “It is time” she tells us! Yes, it is high time to choose our side, and to whom we want to belong. I am sure that we all want to fight alongside our Mother, assured of the final victory and ready to do anything for her out of love.

4. Do not forget, the Rosary is essential in our spiritual battle! The power of the Rosary lies especially in the contemplation of Jesus and Mary. Every stage of their lives is actualized in our own lives. Everything becomes real! We enter with them in the stable at Bethlehem or in the Temple of Jerusalem, we walk with them on the roads of Galilee, we suffer with them in the screaming crowd of Pilate’s palace, we exult with Mary Magdalene before Jesus, conqueror of death…

By traveling with them in this way, we absorb the graces attached to each mystery, like children fascinated by what they are looking at, and we are transformed by those rays of light that emanate from the Gospel. In the face of such beauties, the evil one flees, he cannot stand the light.

The Rosary is therefore a gentle way to get rid of him! “Dear children, keep the Rosary in your hand, as a sign to Satan that you belong to me,” Mary tells us.

Pray the Rosary with us here: youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfiDVjNunGOj-ajSSCVr-U43TGIhQRW2n

5. Fatima, October 13th, 1917. An extraordinary day! 70,000 people are gathered at the Cova da Iria where the Lady promised the 3 shepherd children that she would appear. Torrential rain keeps falling, until Lucia asks the crowd to close the umbrellas, and the rain stops! They all pray the Rosary. Mary then appears on the oak tree like the previous times, brighter than ever. Lucia asks, “Who are you and what do you want from me?” The Virgin replies that she is “Our Lady of the Rosary” and that she wants a chapel to be built in her honor in that same place. She advises to constantly recite the Rosary and then concludes: “All must convert, ask forgiveness for their sins and no longer hurt Our Lord.” After these words, she opens her hands that reflect off the sun. Then Lucia shouts, “Look at the sun!” and the miracle happens.

Lucia tells what happened: “Unexpectedly and inexplicably, the whole crowd present was then able to look directly at the sun without the risk of burning their eyes or without being in any way inconvenienced. Before such a great miracle, defying all the laws of nature, there was a great silence. Then suddenly, the sun began to tremble with jerky movements. Then it started spinning round at a dizzying speed, throwing sheaves of light of every color of the rainbow. It seemed to approach the earth, in a rapid rotational motion, zigzagging, to the point where the crowd began to scream. Every person present fell on their knees, imploring heaven. Some fainted. Finally, everything stopped, and the sun resumed its normal and natural course. Within a few minutes, the rain-soaked clothes were completely dry.

My Portuguese friend’s grandmother was there, and she told the whole story: “People thought it was the end of the world and screamed in fear. However, those who prayed regularly remained calm…”

7. Our next Live Broadcast in French will take place on Friday, October 26 at 9pm. Tell your friends who have fallen to fear and who have lost hope!

The Live Broadcast of September 26 is here: youtube.com/watch?v=RBybv4vFs0c

Dearest Gospa, like Katarina, we once again express our total trust in God’s plans for us, your children! We humbly beg you, continue to show us the way! Be patient, and above all do not give up on us, you are our most secure GPS!

Sister Emmanuel +
Community of the Beatitudes
(Translated from French)

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