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Sister Emmanuel recently released her January 2022 report about Medjugorje. She spread Our Lady messages to the world through her roman catholic missionary organization enfantsdemedjugorje.fr.

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Medjugorje January 16, 2022

Dear friends, praised be to Jesus and Mary!

1. On December 25, 2021, visionary Marija received the following monthly message:

Dear children! Today I am carrying my Son Jesus to you, for Him to give you His peace. Little children, without peace you do not have a future or blessing; therefore return to prayer, because the fruit of prayer is joy and faith, without which you cannot live. Today’s blessing which we give you, carry to your families and enrich all those whom you meet, that they may feel the grace which you are receiving. Thank you for having responded to my call.

Visionary Jakov Colo received his annual apparition. Here is the message:

Dear children, you are, and you are called, ‘children of God’. If only your hearts would feel that immeasurable love which God has for you, your hearts would adore and give thanks to Him at every instant of your life. Therefore, little children, today, on this day of grace, open your hearts and implore the Lord for the gift of faith; so that you could truly become worthy of the name ‘children of God’ who, with a pure heart, give thanks to and honor their Heavenly Father. I am beside you and am blessing you with my motherly blessing.

Christmas is over, but the Child remains! Do we fully understand that the Child Jesus belongs to us? He is ours because, through Mary, our Heavenly Father has given Him to us. We cannot comprehend the degree to which God gives Himself to us, all the way into the Eucharist where He is entirely ours. Of course, it is necessary to welcome Him, to make ourselves available to Him, to enter into His views…

Let us remember a beautiful episode in the life of Saint Teresa of Avila. One night, as she was climbing the stairs of the Monastery of the Incarnation, she saw a child of fascinating beauty at the top of the steps. She thought to herself, “How did he get in here?” The child asked her:

Who are you?

I am Teresa of Jesus. And what is your name, dear child?

If you are Teresa of Jesus, I am Jesus of Teresa!

A magnificent dialogue that could make us envy what God gives to the saints. But what was given to Teresa of Avila is also offered to each of us! If I belong to Jesus, Jesus belongs to me. If I consecrate myself to His Heart, His Heart belongs to me! The prophet Isaiah proclaimed it when he said: “A child has been born unto us, a son has been given to us…”Given to whom? Who is this us? Joseph and Mary? Yes, of course, but this Child also belongs to you, to me, to each of us. He is yours and my Jesus! 

When a child comes into a family, everything changes in the home. He becomes the center of our attention, because in his vulnerability he expects everything from us, just as the Child Jesus expected everything from his parents. The child coming into our home is not a thing or a statue, that child is a living being with a thirst for love. Having a child changes one’s life, especially when it comes to the Child Jesus! Like all little ones, Jesus desires to be welcomed, loved, pressed against our hearts and above all, adored.

Every Christmas, Mary gives us this Child again, so that He may stay with us. “Dear children, may the tenderness of my little Jesus always accompany you!” she said. What she gives, she does not take back. She wants Him to be born in our hearts and bring peace to it. “Little children, without peace, you have no future or blessing. Therefore, open yourselves to prayer…”

Many saints have had beautiful experiences with the Child Jesus. Quoting them would take a whole page, and quoting their experiences would take several long books! (I personally know people who, in their early childhood, played with the Child Jesus and, in their innocence, found this normal.) But here are 4 examples among many others:

Venerable Marguerite of the Blessed Sacrament (Carmel of Beaune, France, 1619-1648) had a very special relationship with the Child Jesus. He called her “the spouse of my childhood”. The title she received is: “Little spouse of the Child Jesus in the Manger where He takes His delights.”

Jesus wanted her to experience a unique participation in the mystery of his childhood, so that even Margaret’s physical growth stopped when she was twelve. He enabled her to experience all the virtues of His Childhood and to share part of the power of His Childhood: “I will refuse nothing to your prayers.”

Marguerite was one of the first to state that: “the prayers offered by the merits of Jesus’ childhood are always answered.”

One day, a religious asked her what to do so that the Child Jesus might live in his heart and form it by his presence. The Carmelite replied: “We must live by imitating the Child Jesus and not according to our own nature, wanting to see or feel nothing other than Him, as if there existed in the world only you and the Child Jesus. You must surrender yourself entirely into His divine hands to become entirely available to Him both during your life and at the hour of death. You must abandon everything to Him, what you are and everything that concerns you, in time and in eternity…”

She herself followed this program, and miracles multiplied around her!

Mélanie, a little-known example: The little shepherdess of La Salette, Mélanie Calvat (1831-1904), was favored by an extraordinary encounter with the Child Jesus, while she was in a very upsetting situation (PS 1). Her mother could no longer stand her silences and her attraction to Jesus. She wanted a worldly girl, but the little one resisted. What happened then is incredible: her mother opened the door of the house and, shouting her hatred, chased her daughter away! (See PS1)

“Go away from here, go live with the foxes and wolves, and don’t come back!” Melanie was only 3 years old at the time! She cried and cried and cried, and went to sit under an oak tree. She cried for a long time, shouting that she wanted a mother. Then she fell asleep. In a dream, she saw a very beautiful little boy, dressed in white, who was also 3 years old, and who consoled her. He played with her like children do. Then she woke up and started crying again… In short, this “little brother”, as she called him, came to her in reality (no longer in a dream). He stayed with her and grew up with her. It was only much later that Melanie realized that it was the Child Jesus. He taught her at length about the faith. Then he introduced her to His Mother of Heaven, and in 1846 Mary’s apparitions at La Salette began…. This is the story of a child martyr and an elite soul. Melanie was a stigmatic, became a Dominican tertiary and took the name of Sister Mary of the Cross, the cross that she had espoused with determination from early childhood, guided by “the little boy”.

Thérèse of Lisieux, fascinated by the words of Jesus, helps us experience the littleness of children who are given the promise of entering the Kingdom. Her sister Céline wrote about a pleasant event during their childhood, that Thérèse reminded her of before she died: “We were at the home of neighbors in Alençon; a horse was blocking the entrance to the garden. While the adults were looking for another way to get in, our friend simply slipped under the animal. She went first, then reached out to me; I followed her, dragging Therese with me, and we reached our goal without having to bend down too much because we were so small.

“That’s what you gain by being small.” “There are no obstacles for little ones, they can get through anything. Great souls can glide over situations, circumvent difficulties, and manage through reasoning or virtue to place themselves above everything, but we who are very small, we must be careful not to try this. Let’s just slip through underneath!”

Saint Faustina also experienced the grace of carrying the Child Jesus in her arms. She wrote in her Diary: “Today during Holy Mass I saw the Child Jesus standing next to my kneeling bench. He seemed to be a year old, and He asked me to take Him in my arms. When I did so, He snuggled up to my heart and said, “I feel very close to your heart.” – “Although you are so small, I know that You are God. Why do you take on the appearance of a toddler to come and see me. –“Because I want to teach you the childhood of the soul. I want you to be very small, because when you are very small, I carry you on My Heart, just as you are holding Me right now on yours.” – At that moment I was alone, but no one can conceive of the emotion in my soul. I was all immersed in God like the sponge thrown into the sea…  (Diary, 1481).

A Croatian nun who is a friend of mine once asked Jesus: “When I come to you as an adult, you take a bit of time to answer me, but when I address you as a child, you answer me much faster. Why does this happen?” And Jesus replied with this magnificent word: “I loved my childhood so much!”

4. Jesus speaks to a soul. Recently, I read a text by an unknown Italian author that touched my heart. Jesus is speaking to a soul in difficulty.

“Now, what I want is to spend time with you, I just want to put my little cradle in your heart. Today I am asking you to place, on this handful of straw, the noise that dwells in your soul, all those voices that are speaking and screaming, that are distracting you, confusing you, exciting you, all those voices that are preventing you from finding the calm or silence you need to listen to your own heart. Even when you are alone, you realize that in your silence there is more noise than you imagined, and you feel an incessant whirlwind in your ears. Stop! Come! There is no one here but you and Me…

“Tell me, little soul, what was the loudest and most painful noise you had to endure today? Is it still resonating within you? But now you are fully present; close your eyes, listen to me, give me your hands! I am preparing my little cradle in your heart. Don’t be afraid, let me do it…

Let me do this, only out of love… Allow me to enter your heart to call you. Allow me to call you, I would like to speak to you in the language of angels. Let me talk to you to illuminate you with immensity. Let me illuminate you to save you forever. Allow me to save you to take you with me to the eternal abodes. In the abodes of angels, let me give you eternal bliss in divine glory. Let me give you eternal life so that you may always be with Me, with the Love that created you; Allow me to do this, only to embrace you tenderly, I desire to stay with you forever, for that is why I created you. Let me burn with divine and eternal love, just for you. Let me do it! Let me do this, only out of love!

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Dearest Gospa, we know that the victories of evil today are only appearances, for God alone is the Master of the world. He is working more than all our enemies put together, and He knows when and how to intervene with power to save His children. Through your son John Paul II, we also know that all the victories of the Church have been won on your intercession and with your help.

Please, stay with us in the ordeal! Place us under the cover of your maternal mantle to prepare with you the Triumph of your Immaculate Heart!

Sister Emmanuel +
(Community of the Beatitudes)
Translated from French

PS 1. See her biographies with her revelations. Someone who best knows Mélanie is Father Michel Corteville who published part of his thesis on La Salette: ‘Découverte du secret de La Salette’. (In French)

In English:Mélanie and the Story of Our Lady of La Salette, by Mary Alice Dennis, Tan Books and Publishers, Inc, Rockford, Illinois 61105.

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