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Sister Emmanuel recently released her July 2022 report about Medjugorje. She spread Our Lady messages to the world through her roman catholic missionary organization enfantsdemedjugorje.fr.

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Medjugorje, July 16, 2022

Dear friends, praise be to Jesus and Mary!

1. On June 25, 2022, visionary, Marija received the following monthly message:

Dear children, I rejoice with you and thank you for every sacrifice and prayer which you have offered for my intentions. Little children, do not forget that you are important in my plan of salvation of mankind. Return to God and prayer that the Holy Spirit may work in you and through you. Little children, I am with you also in these days when Satan is fighting for war and hatred. Division is strong and evil is at work in man as never before. Thank you for having responded to my call.

2. It’s Bethlehem every day in Medjugorje! Yes, Medjugorje is truly the ‘Bethlehem of the 3rd millennium’. Once again, the Holy Family has proven this to us!

An incurable wound? As is often the case, I gave a brief catechesis to some pilgrims, during which I invited each of them to take a minute of silence and offer to Jesus any suffering, any wound still bleeding in their hearts (PS 1). A lady in the group felt a powerful call through this invitation. The pain she carried in her heart was violently revived: during her years of marriage, she had never been able to have a child. Added to this sorrow was the fact that her husband had abandoned her. This wound seemed incurable to her, and the pain would not leave her. In this moment of silence, she cried out inwardly to God offering Jesus this wound, and begging Him to help her. A few hours later, the group went to the nativity scene in our garden, our “Little Bethlehem” where the life-size Holy Family is located. I saw this lady, as soon as she entered the stable, fall to her knees in front of the manger where the Child Jesus sleeps. She seemed, in the silence of her prayer, to cry out all her pain to God. This moment lasted for a very short time because suddenly I saw her turn toward me, exclaiming with radiant expression: “Little Jesus spoke to my heart! I understood in my soul what he was telling me: “But I am your Child!” Overwhelmed by such a grace, she immediately took the Child in her arms, covering him with kisses. She wept with joy: the God Child had Himself come to heal her, after she had offered her wound to Him! It was He who wanted to fill this painful maternal void. In the days that followed, she told everyone about the Child!

3. The guardian angels. Summer is often a time of discovery and new encounters. Changing horizons helps us reflect on the deeper meaning of our lives. We can create new friendships, and sometimes also experience a certain loneliness. Solitude? Never! This change of pace can open us up to our Heavenly friends, who are invisible but so loving and powerful! Padre Pio often saw the Guardian Angel of those who came to his confessional. One day, a young Frenchman, a seminarian in Rome, came to him for confession. After giving him absolution, Padre asked him, “Do you pray to your Guardian Angel?” This young man began to smile, expressing the idea that these stories of guardian angels are outdated. He suddenly got slapped in the face by Padre Pio who exclaimed: “Silly! I can see it right next to you!” (Padre Pio’s slaps were always sources of major conversions!), This young man became a fervent priest, Father Derobert, and he stayed in touch with Padre Pio who saved his life during the war.

Our Guardian Angels never leave us!

It is good to remember their faithful presence and pray to them, for they help us greatly to walk on the path that the Creator has prepared for our life on earth. In Medjugorje, our Lady asked that every member of the prayer group befriend his Guardian Angel and she even asked them to write it a letter. This new relationship with their Guardian Angel changed their lives! Our Angel knows our unique vocation and the more we pray to him, the more active he is in guiding us. He will be with us in Heaven, and even in Purgatory if we have to stay there for a while.

4. A new parish priest for Medjugorje! His name is Fra Zvonimir Pericic. He is a young priest, who offers beautiful meditations during the evening adoration. He is an excellent musician. Let us pray for him, because being a parish priest in Medjugorje is not always easy; there are many people in the flock, and they come from very diverse backgrounds. Two months ago, he gave a beautiful testimony about his vocation. “When I made this decision, all doubt and fear disappeared! I am a son of Medjugorje!” See the parish website, medjugorje.hr

5. Spiritual pearls. Many people were struck by the testimony of Mary of the Himalaya, in my June report (PS2). I was very blessed to meet her, because she came to Medjugorje for a retreat. We were thus able to ask her about what Jesus and Mary had taught her in recent years after the episode in Kathmandu and her radical conversion in 2017. In prayer, she is enriched day after day for the special mission that God has entrusted to her. Here are some spiritual gems she shared with us.

The Prayer that pleases God. “Why do we need to pray so much? Why is this so difficult for us? Because Satan works with all his might to prevent us from praying, he interrupts our prayer, he hinders it and even prevents us from starting it!

“In Medjugorje, Mary asks us to be prayer. It is not just a matter of dedicating time to prayer, but of being prayer. Whatever we say should come from a praying heart. Our gestures, our silences and our gaze should all be prayer.

“St. Teresa of Avila saw prayer as a personal encounter with Jesus.

Many people are mostly interested in ecstasies and seek to know what happens in ecstasies. But that does not sanctify, this is not what takes us to heaven, nor does it assure us of anything. “The extraordinary distracts, and the ordinary edifies,” the Mother of God tells us. What builds the soul is the intimate relationship with the living Christ in the Eucharist. Adoration enables us to truly enter into His Heart and discover the delights contained therein. Graces are poured out on those who stand before Him and worship Him, waiting to receive this shower of blessings. Hence the need to stand before Him (stabat) until we die with the desire to dwell with Him forever. That is what praying is all about.

Maria of the Himalaya really taught us a lot, because she was radiating with joy in every circumstance. Her coming among us left what felt like a trail of light. What she said about prayer enabled us to understand the origin of her persistent joy, despite the fatigues of the mission and the many trials.

“When we cook or drink our coffee, we smile. When we drink a glass of wine, we smile. In reality, we are smiling at Jesus. Even when we are with our friends, our co-workers, our family, we smile at the One who is and always was. Because every time I smile, He also smiles at me, so I smile at Him again and we start having a contest to find out who will smile the most! That is what prayer is!

“Every time I tell him I love you, He gives me I love you back. But His “I love you” makes the earth vibrate, all of creation, and all of heaven bows. At that moment, this “I love you” breaks hearts of stone all over the world. And I continue to answer Him I love you, so that He cannot help but repeat to me I love you. And there, an endless flow is created whose waves reach all places and all times. We can therefore pray anywhere and anytime, because prayer is an impulse of the heart towards God. It belongs to the order of love. Do you think that the devil can enter into this complicity between lovers? No, that’s impossible. Do you believe that a missile launched by an enemy – whether the attack is material or spiritual – can rob us of this peace? No, that’s impossible!

“After learning this about prayer, can anyone still have the courage to say, ‘I don’t have time to pray’? That would offend the One who loves us with such outbursts of love! As the song says, “He so begs for our love that he would be content with a single second.” So let us try to give Him this second of pure love to make our soul an impregnable fortress, a secret garden similar to the soul of the Mother of God.

“One day, St. Teresa of Avila went to the chapel and said to Jesus, ‘I do not want to stay here.’ She felt that Jesus was laughing. ‘I don’t want to pray, I don’t want to say anything to you, I want to leave.’ A few days later, she asked Jesus, ‘Which one of my prayers made you most crazy with love?’ Jesus replied, ‘Remember the day you began to count the slabs in the chapel. This is the prayer that made me fall in love with you the most! Because you could very well have left, but you stayed, you chose me, even if you were just counting the slabs.’

“Prayer expands the heart to the point where it becomes capable of containing the gift that God wants to make of Himself. Prayer gives us a clear heart and a tender love for our neighbor. The world is suffering from a lack of tenderness, it does not need judgment and hardness of heart. When we spend quality time with God, He Himself sustains us with His power. As St. Augustine said, ‘Prayer is like the breath of the soul, and the Eucharist – its nourishment.’

“The pinnacle of beauty in the world is the Heart of Mary, let us ask her to lift us up to her Heart so that we can give her a kiss. When we are there, we are very close to Heaven.”

6. New! July is dedicated to the Most Precious Blood of Christ. We made a special video on YouTube so that we may worship Him anew and learn about all the amazing graces we may receive in adoring Him.

Watch today « Blood of Christ, Heal Us!”

  1. Story of Longin who pierced the Heart of Jesus
  2. Song “Heal me O Lord”
  3. Litany of the Precious Blood
  4. Consecration to the Blood of Jesus
  5. Song “Domine Jesu”

Roland Patzleiner

Music Creation by Roland Patzleiner


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Dearest Gospa, how can we not bless you and give you thanks? How can we not marvel at everything you do for us? Opposing Evil, you cover us with your maternal mantle like never before! We beg you, please don’t get tired of showing us your love!

Sister Emmanuel +
(Community of the Beatitudes)
Translated from French

PS1. The Video on this topic can be found on YouTube under the title: The Key to Overcoming Hurt

PS 2. About Maria of the Himalaya, For the moment, her testimony can be found on a video in Spanish. In English: youtu.be/zJdDSaZse0U (“From abortion nurse to unconditional love messenger”)

PS3. The Medjugorje Youth Festival will take place from 1 to 6 August on the following theme: Become my disciples and you will find peace! (Mt 11:28-30). Come and join us! The program can be found on the parish website, www.medjugorje.hr

PS4. Why not pray a Novena to your Guardian Angel? Invite him to help you fulfill the will of God in your life. You can sign up to receive the Novena by email here: praymorenovenas.com/search?term=Guardian+angel

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PS 6. Another example of how God intervenes in the lives of gangsters is demonstrated in the life of a notorious gangster from London who had an incredible conversion, and now devotes his life to God by giving missions in schools and parishes around the UK and Ireland. His book ‘From Gangland to Promised Land’ tells us of his profound conversion. amzn.to/3rZPn4o

For more information about his missions, see his website: johnpridmore.com

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