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Sister Emmanuel recently released her December 2022 report about Medjugorje. She spread Our Lady messages to the world through her roman catholic missionary organization enfantsdemedjugorje.fr.

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Medjugorje, December 18, 2022

Dear friends, praise be to Jesus and Mary!

1. On November 25, 2022, visionary Marija received the following monthly message:

Dear children! The Most High has sent me to you to teach you prayer. Prayer opens hearts and gives hope, and faith is born and strengthened. Little children, with love I am calling you: return to God, because God is love and your hope. You do not have a future if you do not decide for God; and that is why I am with you to guide you to decide for conversion and life, and not for death. Thank you for having responded to my call.

We have noticed that for several months, the daily apparitions last longer than usual, and sometimes much longer. The visionary Marija says that Our Lady prays with her for a long time for peace, above all for peace in our hearts, peace in our families, and peace in the world. “Peace is damaged,” she said last May.

2. How to hasten the time of peace, in this ‘New Time’ that Mary has announced several times in her messages? This blessed time may relate to the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart and to the New Pentecost of Love, which Christ announced to Venerable Marthe Robin. This time will also be the Church of Light, according to what Jesus told the French mystic Filiola (see PS1), when the Church will emerge purified from the grim trial it has begun to experience, and when as many people as possible have chosen life and not death. God’s plan for our century was, as always, peace (PS2), true peace, in other words His own peace of divine essence, and not the fragile human tranquility so easily slackened.

3. The scoop of the Child Jesus. In two specific words, the little Child of Bethlehem gave us the answer we need on Christmas Day 2013. For the first time, Our Lady did not give her Christmas message, but to the great surprise of the visionary, Marija, it was the little newborn Child she was carrying in her arms who spoke. Have you ever seen a newborn baby speak? That day, Marija did! Jesus sat on his Mother’s arm and spoke with the authority of a 7-year-old child. He said:

  • a – “I am your peace!”
    Why look for it elsewhere than in Him? So many false paths are proposed to the world! So many false kinds of peace are making the headlines! They can be recognized by the fact that they exclude Christ, His cross and His resurrection, as if man were great enough to make his own peace and do without God. This is how one can miss out on love, miss the door of mercy and delude oneself gravely. “The foundation of your peace is prayer,” Mary tells us. Without prayer, we are building on quicksand. Fortunately, there is no distress too deep for God, and His immense desire to save His children is never shaken. So now, what to do? He gives the answer…
  • b – “Live my commandments!”
    Why fall into the snares of the Evil One, this prince of lies who makes us believe that the Words of God are to be thrown into oblivion, as if the divine light they contain were obsolete and that man had found something better than this light in order to be happy on earth and walk towards Heaven? What a terrible illusion! Everything God says, every one of His words, comes from His overflow of love for us, for our protection and happiness. To turn away from it is to mutilate oneself. It is to decide for death, according to Mary’s words last month. (PS 3)
    How can we not quote here what Jesus revealed to the mystic, Marthe Robin, during an ecstasy:”If all Christians lived their faith, the whole world would be converted in the space of a year!”

Oh Lord, have mercy on us! Forgive our sins of omission and indifference!

4. Story of a great victory. I will let my friend Toussaint, a French sports fan, tell it to you in his poetic style:

Another ten kilometers and this beautiful bike ride will end. The slight sound of the wind, the smell of oncoming spring, the water evaporating like the harshness of winter. My sister Claire remains in my thoughts. Where could she possibly find the courage to keep this child? I understand the difficult situation she is going through. Everything is pushing her, like a bad wind, not to keep it. My opinion is far too weak, and I infinitely respect her freedom. She will probably be arriving at the hospital soon. The minutes and the landscape sweep by. Suddenly a thought arises and imposes itself on my mind without knocking:”Recite a Hail Mary”!

What??? Here, in the middle of the bike path???


Okay. So, I hide away a little, because I have quite a few cycling friends in the area. And here I am on my knees in the grass. Even if I don’t pray very much, this is a prayer that I do know. Clearing the air, deep calm, everything fades.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.

Freeze frame, I couldn’t go on, I couldn’t finish the prayer. Life is immense, holy, sacred, irreplaceable and divine. All of this filled me with unparalleled strength and beauty. I got back on my bike and sped away as if on a galloping horse. I have to get there on time, even if it means forcing the door of the hospital. There it is, I see my sister getting ready to go in. She listens to my little story with great attention, and says just one single sentence:

Let’s get out of here!

On October 13, the day of the great Miracle of Fatima, little Lenny was born. He is my godson, or rather the godson of “Mary full of grace.”

5. The Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe (12 December) was an explosion of graces! Graces of joy, peace and maternal tenderness for all those who prayed to her, and sometimes for those who did not pray to her! Let us recall that on March 1st, 2007, when the abortion law was passed in Mexico, the famous Tilma exhibited in the Basilica lit up precisely on her motherly womb, revealing for a few minutes a very luminous shape representing a fetus ready to be born. Hundreds of faithful were present at the celebration (offered for unborn children), and some photographed it. It was a sign both powerful and silent, a sign that remains!

Among the wonders discovered by scientists regarding the Tilma, let us note the wonderful music that emanates from this image that was able to be captured on a computer. Listen to it, it is so uplifting for the soul!

6. The Saints see farther than we do! A French pilgrim confided to me the other day this word of the Venerable Marthe Robin: “My wife and I often came to see Marthe because we lived in her region. We confided to her our desire to have many children. However, I pointed out to her that, in order for that to be possible, it would be necessary to have a good job! Marthe replied: “The job will get better as the children come!” And this happy father of 9 children today confirms that this is what happened.

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The November 26th commentary was broadcast here: youtu.be/OYa8Neo0QiU

9. SPOTIFY! A very practical and brand new tool! Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to the selection of talks I have given to date, to help us walk together towards the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary! spotify.com/show/6UyD5GQ2xYd4eZQvgODTiq?si=ca53b30dcc4440bc

New online catechesis, audio version (it is not necessary to have Spotify).

Dearest Gospa, as you did for Toussaint and Clare, come and strongly enlighten our minds so that in this season of Advent we may choose life and not death, choose your Son Jesus and not idols, true love and not its disappointing imitations! During this novena, we walk with you toward Bethlehem to welcome, together with Joseph and you, our little Savior who is greater than the world!

Sister Emmanuel +
(Community of the Beatitudes)
Translated from French

PS 1. Term often used by Jesus when addressing the French mystic Filiola (1888-1976) to designate the time when confusion and obscurity of consciences will cease, and give way to a Church regenerated in truth and charity, as it was in its beginnings. (Tequi Publications, France)

PS 2. “Dear children! This is the time of grace. Little children, today in a special way with little Jesus, whom I hold in my embrace, I am giving you the possibility to decide for peace. Through your ‘yes’ for peace and your decision for God, a new possibility for peace is opened. Only in this way, little children, will this century be for you a time of peace and well-being. Therefore, put little newborn Jesus in the first place in your life and He will lead you on the way of salvation….” (December 25, 1999)

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PS 4. What did the Servant of God Fr. Dolindo say about heaven and purgatory? You may read his book ‘The Afterlife: Purgatory and heaven explained’, by Fr Dolindo Ruotolo. Click HERE

PS 5. Did you know that the first 7 days of the Apparitions in Medjugorje have been authenticated by the Church. The book, ‘Medjugorje, the first seven days’ details the interviews with the visionaries and the investigations made which the Vatican considered when deciding whether the apparitions should be authenticated. amazon.com/Medjugorje-first-seven-Darko-Pavicic-ebook/dp/B0B7BW26YH

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