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Medjugorje’s visionary Ivan experienced an extraordinary apparition friday January 13 2023 at St. Laurence O` Toole Seville Place/North Wall in Dublin (Ireland) and received an extraordinary message from the Queen of Peace.

Here are his words:

«Tonight, when she appeared Our Lady was very very happy and joyful. She greeted us with Her motherly greeting:

Praised be Jesus my dear children!

In that moment, then, She gazed on all of us, She extended Her hands out, she prayed over us in Aramaic, Her language, and then, Our Lady said:

Dear children, I rejoice to be with you. I invite you today to prayer. Pray for my plans, that my intentions, my plans may be realized. Especially, dear children, pray in this time for peace. Open yourselves to peace. The Mother prays together with you. I intercede for each one of you before my Son. Thank you, also today, dear children, to have said yes to my invitation.

At that point of the apparition, Our Lady prayed especially over all of these children that were gathered here kneeling beside me (Ivan). Then Our Lady continued to pray over the priests and over all of you here who are sick. Then, Our Lady, upon all of us Her motherly blessing. She blessed all the religious articles that you brought for Her blessing. I recommended all of you to Our Lady, all of your your needs, all of your intentions and families. Our Lady then spent some time during the apparition at that moment praying for the conversion of sinners. After that prayer, Our Lady departed from us in the illuminated Sign of the Cross, and She greeted us:

Go in peace my dear children.

I would like to emphasize for you, tonight, Our Lady really prayed for a very long time over all of you...».

[Source: youtu.be/1htzSSlG2Ls]